9 Latest Tips and Tricks To Upgrade Your PS5 Console


Here are the best Secret setting Tips and Tricks to speed up your PS5 console and improve its performance.

There are tons of Tips and Tricks out there for running your PS5 console to the best of its execution. Today we will share you some of the handy tips and tricks to improve and enhance your gaming performance to next level.


1. How To Get 120 FPS on PS5

How To Turn On Performance Mode in PS5

Many users are facing the issue to run their Play Station on higher FPS for better and enhance gaming experience. Basically, this does depends on the monitor or your TV supports the 120 FPS.

I have received many queries regarding PlayStation 5 not fully supportable on a lot of TVs even if you have a 4k TV. So Sony actually recommends to purchase and use the TV which supports and has full capabilities to experience the best of PlayStation 5.

So let’s dive right into the steps to get the 120 FPS mode on PS5.

Go to Settings >>
Go in “Save Data and Game/ App Settings” >>
Click on “Game Presets” >>
Change the “Performance Mode or Resolution Mode” >>
Select “Performance Mode”

So by doing this, it will give you higher frame rates allowing you to play the games like COD, or Fortnite or any high Graphics fidelity game.

You’ll experience better frame rates, better quality and you will be able to keep up with those first person shooter games that you always wanted to win and experience at those frame rates.

While playing the games in PS5, depending upon the game you are playing, it might ask you to prioritize the Resolution or Performance/ Quality of the game setting. You should select Performance there as well.

With these settings you would be able to enjoy the 120 FPS on PS5 or in other words you would be able to experience the Performance mode of PS5.

2. How To Use Extended Storage Drive on PS5

This will help you in using the Extended Storage Drive on PS5. This is the official extended storage drive by Sony where you can actually able to use it on your PlayStation 4 as well as on PlayStation 5.

So all you need to start is to get your Sony Extended Drive. To connect the drive to your PlayStation 5, make sure you connect the USB port at the back end of PS5 which is the USB 3.0. The one with the Blue port.

If the drive is not connected properly, you will receive an error in your console. Try to connect it properly into the USB slot.

Once the Storage drive is connected correctly,
Go in Storage >>
You would be able to see the “Extended Storage” option.
Here you can transfer your PlayStation 5 games as well as your PlayStation 4 games.

In the next step, the console will ask you to Format as exFAT. Click on the pop up and then you should be able to play all your games.

You can also transfer your games over to save some space for other games. For this Go into “Console Storage” >>
Then click on “Games and Apps”
And then tap on “Items you Can Move”.

From here you can select the apps or games and move over to drive to clear out some space for your latest games in PS5 console.

If you are still facing some issue in transferring the files from Storage drive to Console or vice versa, you can try formatting your Storage Drive and then try to transfer the files. Obviously, first take the backup of your drive in your PC and then format it.

3. How To Fix PS5 Error E2-817B122B

Many users are facing this error code in PS5 console. This error corresponds to Unable to Connect to Server Error in PS5.

Here is the easy fix for the Error E2-817B122B. Firstly, try unplugging your router from the switch board and keep it unplugged for a while and then plug it back and let it reset. The router will update its settings and then restart your PS5 console. This will help you to resolve your Unable to Connect to Server Error.

If restarting the router and console didn’t work, then you can try out this advanced settings to resolve your E2-817B122B error. First go to your console Settings >>
then go into System >>
then click on System Software Update and Settings >>
then go to Update System Software.
Make sure your console is updated with the latest version of software updates.

If you are still facing the Connection to Server Error, then follow these steps to absolutely fix this issue once in for all. For this, go into the Network option >>
Click on Settings. We will try to fix the issue from our end. Then click on >>
Set Up Internet Connection.

Firstly, if you are having a wireless connection, try changing it to wired connection. This might help you in resolving this issue. If you want to stay on wireless connection , no issues.

Now follow the steps to set up your wireless connection to resolve the E2-817B122B error. Select the your wireless network connection from Set Up Internet Connection >>
try changing the Wi-Fi frequency from Automatic to 5 GHz – If your Wi-Fi router is near to your Console or to 2.4GHz – If your Wi-Fi router is far from your PS5 console.

Then go to Advance Settings for you network (this is for both wired and wireless) >> keep everything Automatic except the DNS settings. Change the Primary DNS = and Secondary DNS =

PS5 network settings

This will help you in fixing the issue and connect your internet to the DNS server. Also this might increase your internet speed as well for your PS5 console.

There’s a lot of other DNS servers you can use. We believe this is Google’s. If this is not working out, you can use Cloudflare and there’s a lot of other ones that you can find online.

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4. How To Gameshare on PS5

Let’s deep dive into the steps to Gameshare your PS5 games with your friends. Just follow the below mentioned steps –

Go to Settings >>
Go in Users and Accounts >>
In here, click on Other >>
select Console Sharing and Offline Play.
So in this section , you need to work around with your friend.

So if you want to share the console with your friend, then click on Disable option on Console Sharing and Offline Play. Once you do this, you will not be the primary PS5 holder anymore.

The next would be, your friend should go the his/her PS5 console and log in with your account. Follow the exact same steps as mentioned above and go to the same screen in Console Sharing and Offline Play. In here, your friend will see the options like Enable or Don’t Enable.

Once your friend click’s on Enable. He/ She will have full control of the game library that you have, just like you. Then your friend can download anyone of your game into his/her account and can enjoy the game.

So just Disable the console sharing option and then Enable the console sharing option again will help you share your games with your friends.

5. How to Set Up Parental Controls on PS5

The Parental control comes handy when you have young members in your family, you would like to have some control over the usage of media they intake. Sony’s lets you set the parental controls to restricts the games content and DVDs as per your child’s age.

To set up Parental Controls on PS5, follow the below steps –
Go to Settings >>
Click on Family and Parental Controls >>
Tap on PS5 Console Restrictions >>
Enter the Restriction passcode (Default passcode – 0000) >>

From this section, you can set the restriction to consume the content on your PS5 console as per your need and permission. Make a note that, parental controls will be assigned to new user and guests users how have not sign up into PS5 account.

You can also checkout the Sony’s official info on Parental Control Settings

6. Built-in Microphone Settings

When you’re in between headsets or simply don’t have access to one at the moment. The problem with the dual sensor’s built-in solution is that, the vibration intensity and adaptive triggers are automatically set to weak when it’s turned on.

The Haptic feedback is one of the biggest selling points of the dual sense. So if you’re using the built-in microphone, you won’t be experiencing the full effects of the PS5’s brand new controller.

Just follow the below mentioned steps to experience the full effects of your PS5 controller –

Go to Accessibility >>
Click on Controllers >>
In here, change the Vibration Intensity and Trigger Effect Intensity to Strong (Standard)

7. How To Save Controller Battery

How To Improve PS5 Controller Battery Life

By default the dual sense is set to never turn off without user intervention, even when idle. In the settings, you can change this to 10, 30, or even 60 minutes allowing your controller to turn off after you’ve stepped away for extended periods will save you a ton of battery life.

To Improve PS5 Controller Battery Life, follow the below mentioned steps settings –
Go to Settings >>
Then Go in Power Saving >>
Click on Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off >>
And select the Time as per your requirement.

To Improve PS5 Controller Battery Life

8. How To Create Button Shortcuts

You can change what the create button does. By default it’ll snap a screenshot with just a press, but if you open up the settings, there you’ll be able to map the button to whatever create option you’d like.

This includes mapping it to just take screenshots or to record gameplay clips up to an hour in length of your gameplay.

To Create Button Shortcuts, follow the below mentioned steps –
Go to Settings >>
Tap to Captures and Broadcasts >>
Click on Captures >>
Then select Shortcuts for Create Button >>
This includes the options to just take screenshots or record your gaming gameplay.

To Create Button Shortcuts

9. How To Adjust Notifications on PS5

By default the pop-up notifications are often suspended during videos, broadcasts, and sometimes games. You may want to leave your message notifications off during videos, and broadcasts, but you might want to see other information like your wish-list updates mid-game.

To Adjust the Notification settings on PS5 and let notification bothers you when you want it to –

Go to Settings >>
Select Notifications >>
Scroll down to Wishlist Updates >>
Select the settings as per your requirements.

To Adjust Notifications on PS5

Bonus Tip – How To Stay Away From PS5 Game Spoilers

For Staying away from Spoilers, check out the save data and apps section of your Settings and adjust spoiler warnings to stop yourself from seeing anything you haven’t yet seen.

In a game, in case your friends can’t help, but send you an incredible spoiler-filled screenshot, likewise if you’re trying to live in spoiler ocean, you can toggle these warnings right off and stay safe and enjoy the real experience of the story.

To implement this setting, follow the below mentioned steps –
Go to Settings >>
Go in Saved Data and Game/ Apps Settings >>
Select the Spoiler Warnings button >>
Toggle the button to adjust the Spoiler Settings

How To Stay Away From PS5 Game Spoilers

We have covered a variety of Tips and Tricks to advance your settings option and enhance your PS5 gaming experience.

Please let us know in the comment section about which Trick or setting you find was the most useful one you have implemented on your PS5 Console.

Cheers! 😁🙌

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