About Us

Want to know what are the latest Android Apps, troubleshooting your computer tips, Android Fixes and gadgets which people are talking about? Here, you are with all information under one roof.

At techmeright.com, we strive to make the latest technology’s Tips and Tricks understand and accessible to everyone.

Just starting this blog to document our tech-savvy ideas, experience, learning and share it with others. We will craft simple yet insightful posts that will make your learning as easy as possible.

We wish to expand ourselves and are exploring on more vibrant ideas to enhance user experience. Moreover,, our site has been designed to be easy to read and navigate on any screen size.

Our Mission

Techmeright’s core mission is to encourage every person on the planet to learn how to resolve anything. Firstly, we want to help people learn and secondly to persuade them to reach the solution.

What to expect from this site

In this blog, you will learn a lot of computer & Android tips and tricks that will change you into a complete technical expert (even without you knowing it). If you think computer technology is only for geeks, then we aspire to change your thinking.

So, say goodbye to tech jargon and buzzwords that make no sense. We speak the language everyone could understand!

About Me

The core behind this blog – I am an Engineer who is always curious about the latest technology and advancements in it. I commenced this blog just out of curiosity to learn new tips and tricks about how everything works and wants to contribute my learning to society to bring a change, and most importantly, to make society self-reliant.

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