How To Fix All PS5 Error Codes And Issues


If you are facing any unwanted PS5 error code or any issue, this is what you need to do to resolve and fix the error.

PS5 Error Fix
PS5 Error Fix

Sony Interactive Entertainment developed yet another masterpiece in their home video game console category. Play Station 5 (PS5) was launched on 12th November 2020 and is the 9th gen Sony console.

PS5 was launched in 2 variants sharing identical specs, the first model with an Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible optical disc drive, and the other one is the Digital edition lacking this drive, designed as a lower-cost model for those buying games from digital download platform.

It is the most powerful console that offers a next-gen gaming experience because of its strong graphics and high fps speed, which offers almost no friction between you and the games you are playing.

Now facing all the possible troubles, you be able to buy the PS5. Now all you desire is to play and experience the best gaming ecosystem of all time.

After the successful launch of Sony’s Play Station 5, users reported several issues faced while using the gaming console. From controllers that wouldn’t charge to bricked consoles or facing the overheating issue, the first line users reported all the problems online.

Receiving feedback all across the globe, Sony shared the Update which helps users to fix some of PS5’s biggest problems right from the controller’s not getting charge properly, to games getting uninstalled without warning and console randomly getting crash.

So let’s dive right into the solutions to fix all the issues you are facing with PS5 –

Possible Errors with Solution to fix them

Not long after the PS5 released in the UK and other countries, a hotfix for the PS5’s stalling download queue was implemented. This fixed a problem in which game downloads were
continuously interrupted.

They also considered stability issues as a major flaw and were also part of that PS5 update, which fixed some gaming crashes and freezes the PlayStation 5 had been experiencing after launch.


More recently, an update fixed an issue where disc versions of PlayStation 5 games were uninstalled randomly and without warning. Even more remarkable, the newest PS5 update fixed a problem that kept the PS5’s DualSense controllers from charging in Rest Mode – one of the biggest complaints users had with the new PlayStation system so far.

The PS5 update also came with more stability improvements, which should mean the PS5’s most common glitches and crashing problems are now resolved. As PS5 is recently launched, more updates are likely to be released frequently, and confidently are issues will be resolved.

Error While Transferring PS4 data to PS5

Many users have reported problem which arise while transferring the PS4 data to PS5. As users have faced several issues like overheating the console, taking very long to transfer the data and sometimes whole data is been lost.

PS5 & PS4

Possible Fix

  • Step 1 – Turn on the safe mode in both the consoles and then boot PS4 & PS5 (Safe mode) and now run the software update in both consoles. Check that both the consoles have the latest update installed.
  • Step 2 – Boot both the consoles in safe mode again and restore default settings in PS5.
  • Step 3 – Boot both consoles in safe mode again and rebuild the PS5 database and make sure that both the consoles are connected to the same stable Wi-Fi network in the same manner.

Following the above steps would resolve your error.

Enable & Adjust HDR On Your PS5 Console

If you have HDR TV with you, you are in for a treat. Now you can enable and adjust HDR on your PS5 console.

As for the HDR settings, it provides better color contrast and brightness as compared to SDR. As default, all PS5 consoles have 4K and HDR capabilities, but it depends on your TV and your home setup.

To Enable PS5 HDR Settings –
Go To Settings >> Tap on Screen and Video >> Click on Video Output >> Select HDR
In the same way you can Adjust HDR.

PS5 Console Power Issues

Many gamers have reported the issues of power loss in console. Many users have addressed the issue of sudden freezing of console for no reason. As experiencing several system upgrades as compared to previous PS4, few bugs cause the issues while the console is in action.

To resolve all the Power related issues in PS5, Sony has released the latest firmware update in which they have tried to resolve all the bugs and fix all the problems faced by console. So check and install all the latest updates to make sure your PS5 is up to date.

If still, you are facing the same power issues in your console, Sony has launched the Fix & Replace diagnostic tool which will help you check if your console is eligible for an under-warranty repair.

Fix DualSense Wireless Controller Issue

The design of the PS5 console may be unwieldy, but PlayStation has touched down on something unique with the DualSense wireless controller, a re-molded and somewhat larger iteration of the classic Dual shock model that comes with the PlayStation 5 console.

If you are facing any issue with your DualSense wireless controller, Sony has designed the help and support platform majority of issues related to the controller or the console are resolved.

Please visit PlayStation Support portal to resolve all the hardware related issues.

Console Crash in Rest Mode

Rest mode is hardly to be considered as new feature, still many users are facing the issue of last thing anyone wants to see. Gaming Console is crashing out of blue and gamers have stormed this over internet.

The function of Rest Mode is to pause your game and keeping the game progress as it is while you are away from the system. Some gamers have experienced the bricking of the console while trying to use the rest mode, proceeding in last-ditch database rebuilding.

Solution for this is not yet released by Sony. But you can definitely try out the temporary fix by turning off the rest mode for some time to make sure you do not face these problems.

Please follow the following steps to fix the issue –

  • Go to Settings menu
  • Select System Settings
  • Tap on Power Saving
  • Select Set Time Until PS5 enters Rest Mode
  • Then Select Don’t put in Rest Mode

Your console will be much safer from the random crashing.

Queued for Download Error

Many times, when players are trying to download games from PlayStation store on their PS5, you will face the Queued for Download message, but your files and content won’t be getting download. This might happen when getting both PS4 & PS5 titles from the service.

As for the Solution – The problem appears to get fixed by the most recent update, eliminating the need to perform the factory reset or system rebuilt. Fortunately, this problem is no longer troubling the PS5 users.

Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging

Many users are facing the issue of their PS5 Controller not charging. This feels weird as these are new consoles form Sony and are facing the charging issue at such early stage.

Facing the charging issue might be because of couple of reasons i.e. for some of the users the controllers are actually defective and you can get a replacement for this from Sony, as Sony is pro-actively replacing the faulty Controllers.

The other possible reasons that is causing a force to not charge is that a lot of people they like playing games with their dirty hands and what not they place it in dirty spots and clog the controller over the charging port.

Try to clog out and clean up the charging orifice plus the socket and try charging the controller with the original wire provided by Sony with the controller.

PS5 Controller

Fix PS5 Controller Stick Drift

A lot of users are facing the problem like, if your controller analog stick is just drifting to the left or the right without it moving and the character is moving or the player is simply moving. That’s a stake drift issue.

The first thing you need to make sure that your controller is up to date. That means, check for the latest updates.

To do so – Click on the PlayStation button >> Go to Accessories >> Click on Controller Settings.
At the bottom, check the installed version and make sure to install the latest updated version available.

The best way to update the controller is for you is to turn on the PlayStation 5 and select the automatic updates On option, it will tell you if there is an update and will keep it updated.

There’s a possible software issue that’s causing it and not an actual physical issue causing this control to drift so this is the updates should help possibly fix it.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, then you might just try out resetting the controller by inserting a thin pin into the hole right next to Sony Logo.

This will reset your controller and you need to connect it again to the console and if require, install the latest updates again. But this will flus out all the bugs from the controller and your controller will work like a charm.

PS5 error code CE-105799-1 / CE-113212-0

Unable to connect to server

This is a PSN connection error message, so the first thing is to visit the PlayStation Network Status page to make sure everything is operating accurately. In case there is no maintenance or downtime in progress, restart your PS5 and configure your wireless connection settings again, checking your router is in range or switching to a wired connection if possible.

Unfortunately, If the problem prevails, turn off your modem and router for 5 minutes, then restart and update your router firmware. If the issue still isn’t resolved, then it’s likely there’s a temporary connection fault, so wait and try again later after some time.

PS5 error code CE-108862-5

Unable to connect to server

This is another type of connection error message. This error code is linked to the servers for the individual game you are playing. If the PlayStation Network status page linked above confirms everything is currently working, then go through the game developer’s site or social media channels to determine if they have any maintenance or a specific issue.

Again, it’s likely this is a momentary connection fault, so if you can’t resolve it then wait and try again later.

PS5 error code CE-107520-5 / CE-108889-4

“Please install the latest system software”

This error code means that your system is not installed with the latest software, so connect to the internet and follow the instructions to update to the latest version.

If your console is not getting connected to online, you can download and install the latest system software on a USB drive via a computer, or update it using a game disc. For more instruction on this, please visit the official PS5 System Software Update portal.

PS5 error code CE-108255-1

“Something went wrong with this game or app.”

Several players encountered this PS5 error code, and unfortunately, the initial diagnosis doesn’t sound good. Some players are facing some for some specific game, while others are getting the error with every game they try to play.

Although Sony officials haven’t officially reported on the issue yet, several people report that they’ve spoken to customer services and been advised that they must return their hardware for replacement.

If you are getting this error and it continues, you must contact the PlayStation customer service center for more information.

PS5 error code NP-102955-2

“The account information is incorrect.”

If you’re getting this error code, then the PlayStation Network account login information you’re supplying does not match the records held by Sony.

Make sure that you’re entering the correct email address and password, and if you’re sure the information you’re entering is correct, then you must contact customer services to reset your password.

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Please let us know in the comment section if the above mentioned errors you faced and fixed it using the solution provided for you.

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