How To Use Socratic By Google: The Ultimate AI App For Learning

socratic by google

Socratic by google is an education technology firm that provides a mobile app for pupils. The app employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to assist students with assignments by delivering educational resources such as videos, definitions, Q&A, and more. Socratic’s primary goal is to “Make Learning Easier.”

Using voice search, inputting a question or search keyword, snapping a photo of a question written on paper, or simply browsing through topics are all ways that users can ask questions. Users merely need to establish or sign in to a Google account to utilize the Socratic app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android.

socratic by google

Numerous topics are covered, such as math, physics, history, and English. The software analyzes a student’s homework assignment and offers detailed solutions and explanations for challenging problems. Any student can use Socratic to quickly get an explanation of their homework problem, replete with graphs, charts, and illustrations, by simply taking a picture of the assignment.

How to ask a question on Socratic by google by taking a photo

Take a photo instead if you need assistance with a challenging problem or type, like arithmetic problems. Simply hit the photo camera button and take a picture of it to pose a question to Socratic.

Then, crop the photo by dragging its corners to only include the question you want to be answered. Then click Go.

Your photo will subsequently be transformed into symbols and text by Socratic. In order to assist you in finding the answer or deepening your understanding of the subject, it analyses the image and then offers the most pertinent sources.

How to search a question on Socratic by google using your voice

You can use your voice to ask questions on Socratic by google even if your hands are full from driving, cooking, or carrying items. Open the Socratic app, then tap the microphone button to accomplish this.

Socratic will convert your speech to text after you have finished speaking and evaluate it as necessary. Then, it will display the resources that it judges to be the most pertinent.

Socratic can help with homework in almost any subject   

At first glance, Socratic by google appears to fulfil every student’s most irrational fantasies. Simply take a picture of a mathematic formula, and the app will solve it for you, giving you the homework solutions. However, Socratic is more than just a virtual study guide. 

The software doesn’t simply show you the outcome,it also provides further resources and an explanation of how to solve the problem. It responds to inquiries in a variety of academic fields, including biology, physics, geography, history, and English. It gives in-depth explanations rather than a straightforward response.

The iOS-only homework app’s popularity has skyrocketed since it was first released. This is due to the fact that the software now supports Android devices and speaks several languages in addition to English, including German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, and Portuguese.

How does Socratic work

You can use Socratic by google in one of two methods to obtain the solutions to your assignment questions: You might start by taking a photo of your inquiry or mathematic issue. The program can even recognize mathematic problems with roots and fractional parts to deconstruct the solution because of its powerful text recognition technology.

 If the question is typed rather than handwritten, this works especially well. In order to avoid the app misinterpreting similar-looking letters ,make sure your handwriting is as readable as possible when submitting handwritten queries.

You still have the choice to manually type your handwritten question into the app if the app is unable to understand it. This can be a little tedious, especially with arithmetic calculations, but it can be useful if you need assistance with quickly made class or lecture notes.

The many instances of solved issues that make up the app’s database and a machine-learning algorithm created in collaboration with teachers and professionals serve as the foundation for the artificial intelligence of the app. Through these techniques, Socratic deconstructs the fundamental question that needs to be answered and can illustrate the answer to the user through examples.

 Even word problems involving maths or science can be resolved by the app: Filtered keywords are used to calculate the result, which then displays the user-friendly results. 

How well does the Socratic app handle questions in arithmetic, history, and English?


A subject that many students detest is mathematic. How is Socratic by google performing? The program demonstrates its accuracy in resolving all types of mathematic assignments. The homework app has accurately completed every task in our test, regardless of whether it was a straightforward addition and subtraction issue or a complex equation. It may also provide a detailed explanation of the procedures that were taken to arrive at the solution.


The next section of assessment comes after maths issues: history. Is the app equally adept at arithmetic and the humanities? Socratic understands historical questions just as well as it understands arithmetic ones, but it presents solutions in a different way. For instance, if you ask Socratic by google that when the Middle Ages started, the app looks up your question on its network from a variety of occasionally trustworthy sources.

 No matter how reliable the sources are, the process itself is excellent since, after all, it’s never too early to start! Different sources are consulted when conducting valid historical research. The user is responsible for evaluating the sources’ quality.


The ability of Socratic by google to respond to language-related inquiries for subjects like English is the final issue that needs to be clarified. How well the homework app comprehends duties and can provide answers to requests rather than questions will be a subject of great attention. 

 Socratic by google handles the request just like a regular longtail search would. As a result, there aren’t many choices for good results. 

 How does Socratic by google help you

Google Socratic assists you by providing a range of online educational materials in response to your query. Top match, Q&A, explainers, example issues, relevant videos, and general search results are the six sorts of results that are generally displayed.

Socratic will respond with solutions that best match your query in order to answer it. Also highlighted by Socratic are your key terms that precisely fit the language of your query.


Home Screen

After logging in with their Google account, users are directed to the Socratic app’s home screen, which features a live feed of the device’s back camera. Users can swipe right to conduct a voice search for information or hit the centre camera button at the bottom of the screen to capture a photo of a query. Users can also swipe left to input a question or search keyword or swipe down to view the topics that are offered.


Explainers, which provide text-based explanations of various topics together with images to help learners better grasp the text-based content, are one of the other categories of content users can peruse. Although they are frequently brief and to the point, these are a huge help to me in understanding equations or concepts. They can also be used to assist make inquiries more precise if necessary.

Browsing Results

Google’s AI technology uses a user’s question to provide information from several sources almost immediately. If one is available, Socratic will show a top match with a credible source and a thorough explanation at the top of the screen; but, if one is not, viewers will initially see a question and answer section with thorough answers. However, it is important to note that these open within the Socratic app and not the web browser. Users can also view instructive films from YouTube or other curated results from the web.

Who should use Socratic app

For pupils 12 and older, Google Socratic is intended. Although students and other academicians are Google Socratic’s major target audience, a wide range of other people can benefit from its many advantages. Socratic, which offers a variety of question formats, can be utilised by students with special needs to do secure web searches.

Journalists, content creators, and other professionals can utilise Socratic to swiftly learn about pertinent subjects or have access to trustworthy sources of knowledge. Last but not least, regular people can utilise Socratic to access its expert-curated guides, videos, and explanations in order to deepen their grasp of numerous topics.


In the end, users have positive impressions about Socratic. Even short, well-written questions written in hand are recognized by the text recognition feature when typescript is used. The app is accessible to the vast majority of smartphone users, thanks to its availability on Android as well.

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