How To Use Bing AI On Chrome-The New AI Powered App

bing ai on chrome

Bing AI on chrome may be used as a conversation tool, compose various forms of material, including stories, poems, songs, and reports, provide you information and insights on the page that is currently open in the browser, and utilize its image maker to create a logo, artwork, or other image based on words.

With the new Bing AI on chrome, you can ask the AI chatbot questions and receive thorough and believable responses with footnotes linking to the original sources and current data.  

The chatbot may assist you with your creative endeavors as well, like writing a poem, essay, or song as well as creating graphics from text utilizing the same platform’s Bing Image Creator. 

bing ai on chrome

What can you do with Bing chat?

Bing Chat can be used for the same prompts as any other AI chatbot, such as ChatGPT. This encompasses the capacity to produce fresh content, including texts, photographs, essays, code, and more. 

Bing Chat can provide brief and in-depth answers to any questions you may have about current affairs, history, random facts, and more. It allows you to post images and ask questions to learn more about them. You may post a picture of a painting and inquire about the artist. 

How to get Microsoft Bing AI on chrome

The Microsoft Edge browser, as well as the Bing AI on chrome, Edge, and Skype mobile apps for Android and iOS, are all ways to access the AI-powered Bing on Windows and macOS. Edge is pre-installed in Windows 10 and Windows 11, but you can also download it for Mac and earlier versions of Windows(Opens in a new window).

Launch Edge from the desktop and select the Discover icon (the one with the B logo) in the top right. Click on the Sign in to chat button and sign in with the desired Microsoft account if you do not get the “Welcome to the new Bing” message. The new Bing AI on chrome ought then greet you. (At first, getting access to the Bing AI on chrome involved signing up for a waitlist and waiting for a confirmation email. However, Microsoft has now made the technology available to everyone.)

You’ll also be asked to check in using a Microsoft account while using a mobile device. The majority of the features from the desktop experience are present on mobile devices, although they are organized in a smaller style.

What type of input does Bing chat accept

Bing Chat may aid with text questions like (but not limited to) research, writing support, coding, and more, just as ChatGPT and all AI chatbots. It differs from several chatbots, notably ChatGPT, in that it can also accept image inputs. 

Users can contribute pictures they want to learn more about or that somehow relate to the challenge using this tool, and users can learn more about the pictures. 

The only chatbot that currently incorporates GPT-4’s multimodal capabilities is Bing AI on chrome, which employs GPT-4 to enable this feature. 

A week before Microsoft, Google Bard integrated Google Lens into its chatbot to add the option to upload image inputs.

Bing’s “Ask Me Anything” service

Now that you’re prepared, talk to the AI. Enter your inquiry in the “Ask me anything” field. Press the Enter key on your keyboard or the Arrow button once you’ve typed the question. If Bing can respond to your query, the answer will then show up. You may see potential follow-up questions suggested by Bing AI on chrome if you scroll down below the response. To send one of the other inquiries, click on it. The new inquiry is then answered by Bing.

By selecting the additional follow-up questions that appear, you can carry on the conversation. As an alternative, you can enquire afresh and in relation to the issue at hand. Microsoft initially restricted the number of interactions and back-and-forth talks users may have each day because lengthy conversations puzzled Bing AI on chrome. 

Do you need a Microsoft account to access Bing’s AI chatbot?

Signing in to your Microsoft account is the surefire way to gain access to all of Bing Chat’s features. If you don’t have a Microsoft account and don’t want to create one anytime soon, you’re in luck. 

Users who do not have a Microsoft account will be able to access a limited version of the chatbot with this upgrade. Users who do not sign in to a Microsoft account are limited to five chat turns instead of the regular 20. 

A comparison of Bing Chat with ChatGPT

Bing Chat is currently the best option to get free access to GPT-4 (OpenAI’s most advanced and powerful language model). GPT-4 is available through ChatGPT Plus, which requires a paid subscription, however Bing Chat provides free access through Microsoft Edge.

As Bing Chat is incorporated into Microsoft Edge, it provides a more integrated, personalized manner of searching for answers. As a result, it is an effective research assistant.

ChatGPT, while providing a more isolated experience, is accessible via any browser and offers more robust integrations and plugins. It works better as a personal assistant than as a research assistant.

bing ai on chrome

How to turn on Dark Mode in Bing Chat

1. Launch Bing Chat and navigate to Settings.

Open a new Bing Chat window and select the hamburger menu in the upper right corner next to your name. This will allow you to access your Settings. 

2. Select ‘Dark’ under Appearance.

Look for Appearance in the Bing Chat Settings. Then select Dark. 

Bing Chat features three different appearance modes:

Light: This is the default mode that appears when you open Bing Chat. Its colors fluctuate based on whether you choose Creative, Balanced, or Precise as your discussion style, but the light theme always wins.

Dark: Turns the chat window completely black, regardless of conversation mode.

System default: Adjusts to your device’s predefined system preferences. 

Have a Real-Life Conversation with Bing AI on chrome

You can use your voice to communicate with Microsoft’s AI using the Bing mobile app(Opens in a new window). Tap the microphone symbol at the bottom of the screen to launch the mobile app. Speak your query, then press to stop, and Bing AI on chrome will show you the results.


Bing AI on chrome offers an Insights option that will provide you with additional information about the website you’re visiting. It displays items such as a Q&A, key points, page topics, and linked articles. 

You can also obtain a fast overview of metrics about the website you’re seeing (such as domain name, hosting service, and even traffic rank) if you scroll all the way down.

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