The 7 Best iOS launchers For Android


Certainly, most of them out there want to experience the iOS interface on their android devices once in a lifetime. On Google Play Store, you will find many of the iOS launchers for android through which you can completely change the Graphical User Interface on the home screen of your android.

Endless customization is the leading part of android devices. Through Google Play Store, we can install many launchers through which you can easily customize the page transition, icon packs, and icon size. But as compared to iOS, you will find innumerable Android customization apps which would help to make your android device look more captivating. - The 7 Best iOS launchers For Android

So, if you are truly willing to make your android device look more like an iOS interface, then you are at the right place. This column will list down some of the best Android apps available on the Google Play store to help you get the feel of iOS on an Android device. 

Here are the 7 best iOS launchers for android:

So let’s dive into it!!

1. Launcher iOS 16

Launcher iOS 16 beats all other launchers in terms of operation for the android mobile operating system. This launcher is one of the best launchers available to give your android device an iOS interface. The most comforting thing about this launcher is its customization. As per your need, you can customize the launcher and swipe up to open the control center for shortcut toggles.

After the installation of the launcher, your device becomes far better than before. This launcher not only changes your page android but also makes it look and function like an iPhone.It always provides you with a high level of safety and also does not share your data with any of the third-party apps. 

For your utmost satisfaction, visit the google play store and you find that “Launcher iOS 16” has a 4.6-star rating and 50M+ downloads by users. Most of the reviews of the launcher available on the google play store are enough to go with the launcher on your device.   

Download the Launcher iOS 16 by clicking here

2. iLauncher

The biggest advantage of the iLauncher is its endless customization. If you are willing to make your device look more like an iPhone 13, then iLauncher could be one of the best options for you. The launcher also provides you with enormous choices of Apple-inspired wallpapers and themes. These wallpapers bring the originality of iOS wallpapers to your android device.

The operation and front end of the launcher are very much identical to that of iOS. It also allows you to change the look of the icons of your device that is the app also provides you with icon pack support. It also helps us in providing the notification at the control center like on iPhone. However, the app is a paid iPhone launcher app.

Download iLauncher by clicking here

3. iPhone X Launcher

The iPhone X Launcher is one of the best things available on the play store. The launcher is highly customizable. X Launcher allows you to customize every part of your android device. In this launcher, you will get access to the things like iPhones like the control center, icons, etc.

If you are one who enjoys using an iOS 13-like interface on your android devices, then this could be the best option for you. If you swipe down from the middle, you can access the control center. You get great access to tons of themes and wallpapers in this launcher. But the ads which come in these launchers annoy the most. If you don’t want the ads, then just go with the premium version available there.

Download iPhone X Launcher by clicking here

4. Control Centre iOS 15

The prime part of the Control Centre launcher is that it allows you to customize the interface, which is something not even available on the real iOS interface. The app also gives you a similar control center to that of iOS. You will love the transitions provided by the launcher.

The launcher brings with it great reliability and security, which is enough to blow your mind.  It has over 4.5-star ratings and over 50M+ downloads, which itself is enough for the users to get access to the launcher. Within seconds, it allows you to modify your interface as per your taste. 

One of the best parts of the launcher is that without going to internal settings you can make changes to your android device.

Download Control Center 15 by clicking here

5. Launcher iPhone

If you are wondering about just replicating your android device with an iOS interface, then you have got your solution because Launcher iPhone can fulfill all of your demands. The fascinating thing about this launcher is its smart search feature, which you can use by swiping down anywhere on the screen.

It entirely clones your android device to the iOS one. When someone would look at your screen that would be greatly impossible to predict your device. The launcher brings with it the same level of transition effects.

Of others, his launcher also has a customization option through which you can modify your screen as per your requirement. 

Download Launcher iPhone by clicking here

6. iPhone 13 Launcher, OS 15

This launcher gives users a near experience of the iOS interface. Also on the control center, you can find all of your notifications, the same as that of the iPhone. One aspect to keep in your mind is that the launcher application is always running in the background and needs memory allocation at startup.

As per your need, it allows you to customize to some extent, and then your android device is nearly like an iOS one, with lock screen notifications, a similar interface, and much more

Download iPhone 13 Launcher by clicking here.

7. OS 14 Launcher

If you are a diehard fan of iOS 14, then you got your solution because this launcher exactly replicates iOS 14 and the user enjoys the interface which works much more smoothly and satisfactorily. The launcher brings a lot of necessary stuff with it like the app library, home screen, and control center.

In terms of providing customization to the device, it supports over 500 themes and it also offers some amazing features like battery saver, and junk cleaner, and also allows running dual apps. When in need, you can also hide apps and more.

Download OS 14 Launcher by clicking here

Now Enjoy The iOS Experience On Your Android!!!

Not everyone is crazy about Apple, but most of them are but can’t afford it because of some reason. To get over this to some extent, there are launchers available on the Play store through which you can certainly enjoy an iOS interface on your android devices without paying a single penny for it except if you are a premium user. 

Try the above-listed launchers and let us know which launcher you enjoyed more don’t forget to check our column on how to fix 5G not working on iPhone 

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