How to Fix Zee5 App Error – Zee5 App Not Working 7 Easy Fix - How to Fix Zee5 App Error – Zee5 App Not Working 7 Easy Fix

Zee5 is the fastest-growing entertainment platform with over 500M+ users. Because of its large user base, the Zee5 app is prone to many errors, for times, if Zee 5 not working, and to Fix Zee5 app error, we have drafted a step-by-step guide to fix all the app issues and errors.

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If the Zee5 app is not working properly and showing errors or Zee5 not working on smart tv or if you are wondering why zee5 is not working on Samsung smart tv, then there might be a problem at Zee5’s end or at your end. There are several ways to resolve this issue and use the app seamlessly to get no errors. Let’s dive right into it –

To Fix Zee5 App Error – Check Sources to Confirm Zee5 App Outage

There are many instances in which the app server might be down and that causes the loading issue or the loading error. Check the Zee5 app’s Twitter profile or any other social media profile for any app outage news.

To confirm the App outage status, you can visit the Down detector to confirm the app’s server status. The down detector collects the app’s functioning status from various sources to present real-time server status updates.

In this case – you can wait for a while and try after some time. Rarely, do these servers go offline or might be under maintenance. Usually, these servers will be back online within a few minutes.

Call Zee5 Customer Care Number

If there is an App outage from Zee5’s end, then you can give a call customer care number or can log your query at the customer support email id – (For queries/Support) ( For Complaint )

Fix the Black Screen / White Screen / Blank Screen issue

Close all open apps from the background, including the Zee5 app

Black Screen or White Screen is one of the most common errors faced in mobiles and tabs. Sometimes, when you open the app, you see a black screen on display as the app is taking time to load and then the app closes with or without an error message.

To fix these types of issues, follow the below-mentioned steps –

Several times it might be because of an app loading problem. You can fix this by closing all the apps from the recent open section of your device and closing all the apps, including the opens in the background. Now open the app again. This time, it might function perfectly.

You can restart your device by long pressing the device’s power button and then try opening the app again. This time, the app may work with no error.

If both the above-discussed methods didn’t fix the app issue, then uninstall the app and reinstall it. In Apple’s iOS, there is the option to restore the content and settings from iCloud backup. For Android, the data can be restored after logging in from the same email id.

Zee5 app not loading/ not working properly

Check Wi-Fi / Mobile Data Connectivity in your device

You might face some situations where the Zee5 app is not loading properly and is taking time to load or not functioning properly. So to fix the Zee5 not working –

Firstly, you can check your device’s Wi-Fi/mobile data connection is functioning properly or not. You can confirm this by checking if other applications such as Google or YouTube are working or not. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection or Mobile internet connection are connected and are not displayed by “!” beside their icon.

There might be a situation in which a lot many users are using or trying to log into the app. This may increase the load on the server and might result in the dysfunction of the Zee5 App. You can try again after a few minutes. The Zee5 app will work perfectly.

How to Fix Zee5 App Error Login Issue

If you are facing any issues in logging into Zee5 App, then you can try checking the credentials you are using to Zee5 login. You might use incorrect credentials, which might lead to logging issues.

To resolve this, you can recheck the credentials you are using, or else login via entering your mobile number and receive OTP and then log in using OTP.

If you’re using third-party social networks to log in, such as Meta, YouTube, Google, then check whether that service is working properly by visiting their official website.

In very rare cases, your account might get banned or deactivated for some unreasonable activities. Please confirm this from the error message.

Zee5 App Updating or Installing Error

Clear your App’s Cache and User Data

Log out from your account and clear the Cache from App Info. Along with Cache, you can also delete the User data stored. Thus, it will prepare to load everything up again from scratch. This will ease out updating and installing the app back to your device.

Also, make sure your device has enough space to update or install the required updates on the Zee5 app.

To Fix Error in Zee5 App

Uninstall the App and Re-Install it again

If you are still getting the error in the Zee5 app, uninstall the app from your device. This will erase the problem causing the error.

Then download the latest version from the Google Play Store or App Store. After installing the latest version of the app, it should work perfectly fine.

Restart Your Device

If the problem/error persists, then after uninstalling the app, restart your device. Then, after turning it on, check if there is any available update for your device. Download the latest updates on your device and let your device boot. Then, after restarting your device again, download the Zee5 app and install it. Insert the correct credentials and make sure your device is connected to a healthy internet connection.

Please let me know in the comment section, which method resolved your error in the Zee5 app. Do check out the Voot app Error Fix.


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