How To Play Among Us With Friends – Gameplay Explained

Among Us game

Among Us is an online multimedia space game to play with friends & strangers on the internet to find the imposter Among Us. To play Among Us with friends, all you need is a group of 4 to 10 members & a good wifi connection to create a private room.

Among Us Game

Among Us is an Online & offline multi-player addictive game developed by InnerSloth, which runs by Unity game engine. You can play Among Us with friends & family on Android, iOS & Microsoft Windows (Using Emulator).

Among Us a space-based theme game where there are a bunch of crew members trying to save the space ship and few imposters trying to kill the crew members. Nothing can match the level of excitement while playing the game of trust and betrayal with a group of best friends.

Basic Goal In Among Us Game

There are 2 kinds of players in Among Us Online, where most players being crew members & the other being imposters. The goal of crew members is to perform some assigned tasks and identify the imposters and eliminate them out in space. Meanwhile, the goal of imposters is to kill the crew members before they identify all the imposters.

Download Among Us

Among Us download for PC or Among Us download for laptop can be done using an Emulator.
You can select the best suitable emulator for your device from here. For now, you can use the BlueStacks emulator to download Among Us in PC.

Among Us Gameplay

Let’s get started on how to play Among Us with friends. Follow the instructions step by step and you will be a pro in Among Us game.

Step 1 – Select Online mode & Create a Room

Open the Among Us game. You will see the space theme with multiple options. First, a host needs to create a game for all other friends to join. If you are the host >>
1. Click on the Online button.

Among Us

You can change your gaming name from the topmost box. Click on the first option. Enter your gaming name. >>
2. Click on Create Game.

Among Us Host Creating Game

After selecting all the required fields, click on Confirm. You will see a PRIVATE button with Code just next to it. You can change the game from Private to Public by just clicking on the PRIVATE button.
Share the Room Code with all your friends.

Among Us Private Room
Among Us Public Room

3. Select the game map, number of minimum imposters, chat language, and Max number of players.

  • Map Options
    • MIRAHQ
    • POLUS
  • Game Options
    • 1 Imposter – 4 Min Players
    • 2 Imposters – 7 Min Players
    • 3 Imposters – 9 Min Players
Among Us 4 Players 1 Imposter
Among Us 4 Players 1 Imposter
Among Us 7 Players 2 Imposters
Among Us 7 Players 2 Imposters
Among Us 9 Players 3 Imposters
Among Us 9 Players 3 Imposters

Step 2 – Join the Private Game Room

All the other players click on Online. Make sure that everyone selects the same server from the right side bottom. Click on the globe icon and everyone should select the same server country for smooth gameplay without lag with no network issues.

Among Us

The host will share the private room code with everyone and all the remaining players should select the PRIVATE tab with ‘Enter Code‘ and enter the Private game room code and click on the arrow.

Step 3 – Partition in Crew Member or Imposter

When all players join the game, a few of them will get randomly assigned as Imposters and the rest of the members will be ship Crew members or also called Crewmates. The Crew members will not be aware of the Imposters.


On the other hand, Imposters will know who is the other imposters with him/her. For eg – If there are 10 players in a game, and 3 players will randomly get assigned as Imposters. On Imposter’s screen, he/she will know the remaining 2 Imposters.

Step – 4 Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin

Once the game starts, there are different gameplays for both Crew members and Imposters. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Crew Members

Crew members need to save the space ship by finishing the assigned tasks while trying not to get killed by Imposters. Crewmates need to complete the tasks like –

  • Fix Wiring
  • Fixing Electrical Circuit
  • Align Engine Output
  • Align Telescope
  • Calibrate Distributor
  • Divert Power
  • Empty Garbage
  • Process Data

While performing all these tasks, if you see a dead body of any player, then report it immediately with all the players.

Among Us Dead body report

When you report a dead body with all the players, you can have a discussion about who among all would have killed that player. You can chat using the chat feature in the game.


If you or anyone else would have seen some imposter killing the player, you can share your thoughts with everyone & try to convince everyone that the particular player is an imposter and vote that player out by calling a meeting.

All the players deciding whom to vote out according to the situation will throw out that player in space. If the player who got voted out was an Imposter, then the crew members are one step ahead in the game and try to vote out remaining imposters before they kill any other player.

2. Imposter

If you are an Imposter, then take it casually and try to blend in with other crew members. You need to take full precautions before doing anything suspicious, like the things only Imposters can do.

If there are multiple imposters, then you will know the other player (Imposter) from the start of the game & you guys can plan the strategy and try to finish the game without getting kicked out of the ship.

  • Imposter comes with some special skills as compared to crew members –
    • Imposters can use vents to travel from one room to another.
    • Imposters can hide in vents.
    • They can directly kill crew members.
    • Imposters can sabotage crew members

Basically, the role of an Imposter is to progress the game by killing all the crew members. Before killing a crew member, scan the nearby area and make sure nobody is around and no other crew member should see you killing the crew member.

Thus, an Imposter secretly kills the crew members and tries not to get kicked out of the ship by surviving the vote out.

Secret Tips and Tricks to Win Among Us

The best tips & tricks while playing Among Us game to save yourself being a Crew member or Imposter and find the potential Imposter to finish the game.

Imposter Tips and Tricks

Imposter Wins

1. Play Hide & Seek

Always try to be aware while killing or sabotaging a crew member. Look out for other crew members, check that no other crew member is around while killing the crew member.

Beware of all the crew members, sneak out in private, and have an eye on all the players & check they are busy performing tasks and find a player how is alone and if no one is around, then you can take a shoot. Try to find the perfect moment.

2. Collaborate

It’s always better to have someone’s back. The trust you build in the game will fly back to you like a boomerang at the time of decision making.

Always try to gain the crew member’s trust, by helping them in fixing the reactor or by performing some assigned tasks, in that way if you kill or sabotage any player in private, then the player who saw you performing the tasks will support you and will save you from vote out.

3. Mass Killing

It’s a wrong strategy to think staying in a group will not get you killed. Actually, it’s will be a piece of cake for the Imposter to kill a crew member as blame can come on anyone.

A simple trick is to switch off the lights in sabotage map and press the kill button. As taking advantage of darkness, no one will know about the imposter unless the player is in proximity.

4. Kill at First Sight

Imposters can kill the crew members from a distance. You don’t require to be in proximity to kill a crewmate. If the kill button is available at a distance from a crew member, you can take that kill.

5. Damage the Reactor

O2 & Reactor are two rooms which you can damage and use it as a bait. As fixing these rooms is important, otherwise the crew members will lose the game.

Damaging the reactor will force the crew member to rush in and repair the reactor or the O2 level. Thus, wait for a crew member to enter and if that player is alone, you are good to go 😎.

Crew Members’ Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t be Lone Wolf

It’s a simple understanding to stay nearby another crew member as if you get killed by an imposter. The other player will report the body and will vote out the imposter in space.

Try to be at least with one crew member and both of you perform tasks together. Do not blindly believe the player, as he might be an imposter. First, check if the player is busy doing tasks and once you are fully confident about that player, then you can make an ally and support each other.

2. Use CCTV

Crew members can use a special feature available to omnipresent by having an eye in multiple rooms by using CCTV from security room.

CCTV from Security Room
CCTV from Security Room

Always be alert while accessing CCTV from the security room. A pro player in form of Imposter might know your plan and when you are busy accessing CCTV, an imposter might come in and kill you.

3. Hide & Seek

Being a crew member, you need to always be alert. Observe from a safe hideout, if two players went inside a room and after some time you see a dead body, you will know whom to vote out from a spaceship.

4. Make Smart Voting Decision

Communicate throughly while deciding the imposter in vote out. Ask all the players if they have seen someone coming out from a room where the dead bogy was reported.

Think in a way that if you vote out the wrong player, one of the crew member will be thrown out in space and thus imposters can take advantage of this. In case you made a wrong decision, quickly call an emergency meeting as soon as possible and vote out the imposter before he/she kills everyone.

5. Performing Tasks

If one player among the crew member has to put keys or scan a card, then all the crew member has the same task. Observe all the members performing this task and the not performing this task will be an imposter.

Another simple yet logical tip – Do not follow a crew member in case you are an imposter, as they might get suspicious and might kick you out in space in vote outs.


So, there you have it from our side in this post. I hope you liked all these tips and tricks in everyone’s favorite Among Us game.

Please let us know in the Comment Box about which tip and trick you liked the most and was most useful in playing Among Us with friends. Adios amigos!

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