The 7 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Free

Video Conferencing apps

Looking for Best Video Conferencing apps? We have listed some of the best platforms to bridge the communication gap between the teams and to increase productivity.

All organizations try to maintain diversity in the employees, thus they try to bring the best talent from all parts of the world. Due to the lockdown situation, many companies have announced work from home situation for the safety of their employees.

In this WFH situation where everyone is working remotely in a lithe work environment, it is very important to bridge the communication gap between the teams to maintain productivity. Thus, one of the best solutions to feel connected and virtually close is by Video Calling.

There are tons of applications and platforms available out there for Video Calling and collaboration. Some of them come with a premium plan and some offer all the required features for free. You just need to research and select the one which suits you the most.

Here is the list of the top 7 video calling apps that consistently work best and offers the best features for empowering productivity and productivity in your teams.

Video Conferencing Platforms

  1. Zoom
  2. Google Meet
  3. GoToMeeting
  4. Cisco Webex
  5. Skype for Business
  6. BlueJeans
  7. Microsoft Teams

Zoom is one of the most preferred Video conferencing platform for office meetings, Online classes, family meetups & many more. It is the most used software application for group calls as it has all the basic necessary features.

It provides free HD calling with video and screen sharing for up to 100 folks. Its simple interface makes it straightforward to install and use the application from anywhere. You can invite up to 100 attendees in the free version to join a secure meeting with perfect video and audio quality.

Zoom Features

  • Best HD Video Quality
  • Unlimited messaging – Photos, files & more
  • Virtual background support
  • Onscreen whiteboard
  • Allows the user to request for a remote control access
  • Enabled Dark mode
  • Support screen sharing
  • Transcriptions of call recordings

Zoom Image
Source – Play store

Zoom is best in customer satisfaction and is the most favored communication experience on PC and mobile. You can create an open meeting which can be accessible to all or a private meeting with a meeting password so that only particular members can join the call.

The Zoom app also supports safe driving mode while on the road for your safety. You can also use your Android app to start your meeting or can direct join Zoom webinars. It perfectly works over WIFI, 5G, 4G/LTE & 3G network.

In the recent updates, you can experience added meeting reactions, toggle aspect ratio for video feeds, mute channel notification & improved chat UI. Initially, Zoom was designed and targeted only for corporate use and a free basic version was available for individuals, but undergoing through lockdown situation, it suddenly gained popularity among schools, colleges & non-business entities as well.

  • High resolution video quality
  • Admin can fully control all participants in call
  • Can connect via phone call
  • For free version only 100 participants are allowed
  • In free version call duration is limited to 45 mins

2. Google Meet

Google Meet” as the name suggests is designed and launched by Google to enter into the market of video calling. It is super easy to use as its interface is very user friendly. Earlier it was known as Google Hangouts for connecting via voice or video chats.

It is used for office video conferencing connects, school meetings, friends, and family catch-up and on many more occasions. It supports best in class High-Quality video experience and keeps the video quality even with slow internet support.

Google Meet Features

  • Best in class Video resolution
  • Offers Video, Voice & chat options
  • Supports internal emojis
  • Supports live video filters
  • Easy to access on any device
  • Supports live screen sharing
  • Offers real-time captions powered by Google
Google Meet Image
Source – Play store

Google Meet’s best feature is its incorporations with all Google accounts and features. You can directly join the meeting from Gmail It allows you to set up a reminder of meetings using google calendar. It also supports you to invite up to 250 members to a meeting.

As a product of Google, safety is in its inbuilt feature. You can connect securely from anywhere with Google Meet, whether you are indifferent teams or from a different organization. Its meek feature to let you access any Google signed-in device. Just you need to share the link and invite members to join the connect.

Meet allows you to use not only real-time captions from google but also live face filters while on video connect. It allows you to share your screen, present documents, slides, notes, and lot more during your conference call.

  • High resolution video quality
  • Good connectivity even with slow internet connectivity
  • Easy to conduct large scale meetings
  • Only 250 participants are allowed In a call
  • For free users, call duration is limited to 60 mins

3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an Online Meeting & Video Conferencing application with more than 2.5 million downloads with the finest user rating on Play Store. It does stand on its moto as, “Online Meetings Made Easy!”.

It offers you to connect with your customers, clients, colleagues, or students with the help of the internet in real-time. Statistically, the majority of seminars conducted online use the GoToWebinar platform as it gives full control to the admin and has full flexibility to manage the entire seminar.

GoToMeeting Features

  • Easy joining a session without sign up
  • Easy syncing of meeting calendar with all devices
  • Offers real-time voting during a session
  • Full band VoIP phone or audio call
  • Offers real-time screen sharing
  • Support notification alerts before meeting
  • Option to chat with individual attendees or everyone in the meeting
GoToMeeting image
Source – Play store

GoToMeeting is an elegant & stable meeting platform that offers you the best quality video communication for up to 26 people (including you). Thus, to connect with a larger audience, you can use GoToWebinar which supports up to 1000 participants.

In the latest update, GoToMeeting has introduced the display up to six cameras with your screen during any meeting, this allows users to interact in a much more effective way. It also allows you to use Hand-off presentation control to other members to view reports, presentations, etc.

The robust interface of the mobile app gives you the convenience & reliability you need to perform your work anywhere across the globe. The bonus tip for GoToMeeting is to use the computer mode to save around 90% data when joining the meeting.

  • High resolution video quality
  • Real time voting option during a session
  • Easy to conduct large scale meetings
  • Only 26 participants are allowed In a call
  • No sharing of media files from chat option

4. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a fully secure online platform to connect with your office colleagues, clients, teachers, friends, or for an Interview. Corporate people favor Cisco Webex to connect virtually with clients or for internal team meetings.

In this new age where the workplace has no boundaries, you can communicate with any device, anywhere. You can have hassle-free meetings directly from your smartphone. With Cisco Webex, you can join the meeting with just one click on the button and can also start meeting with a simple voice command.

Cisco Webex is one of the most favored meetings and collaboration apps with the best audio and video quality. With Cisco Webex, you can share your screen with all other attendees and can be used to share files across team members.

Cisco Webex Features

  • Hands-free voice command with Google Assistant
  • Easy joining directly from your customizable widget
  • Playback meeting recordings directly from the app
  • Customizable virtual backgrounds and video layouts
  • Can share 3D augmented reality files
  • Can set Password for joining a meeting
Cisco Webex Image
Source – Play store

Cisco Webex will send you the notification to start your upcoming meeting 5 mins before the scheduled time. So, the user can do the required adjustments and be ready with all the presentations and insights to be presented on the call. Additionally, you can edit or markup the documents for your co-workers simultaneously in real-time.

It is super easy to sync in with the nearby desktop and can enhance your meeting experience. It has a very simple interface with a calendar view to track your meetings and organize your schedule accordingly.

Webex comes with a full plethora of features that ease the experience of tons of daily meetings. If in case you missed any meeting, you can easily playback that meeting directly from the in-app recording feature.

  • High resolution sound & video quality
  • Real time marking and making notes during a session
  • Easy to conduct large scale meetings
  • Consume a lot of Internet
  • No provision to take screenshot in the meeting

5. Skype for Business

Skype for Business, formerly known as Lync 2013, for Android, extends the power of Lync and skype to all your devices. It comes with all the features needed to make this application loved by tons. With the rich presence of voice and video quality & instant messaging, all from the easy-to-use interface gives it the upper edge over other applications.

It is part of the Microsoft Office suite which is designed for High-performance Video & audio chat for everyone with Microsoft account.

Skype for Business Features

  • High-quality Video resolution
  • Offers Video, Voice & chat options
  • Full control of the meeting
  • Know info about participant’s modalities
  • Easy alert meeting notifications
  • Supports live screen sharing
  • Search contact using a name, email, or phone number
Skype for Business
Source – Play store

Skype for Business offers best in class security as all the chats and communication are fully encrypted as it supports enhanced security via Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL). It offers a fully professional interface designed for the corporate environment with tons of features.  

SFB also offers an inbuilt chat function where you can share files, screen, and can also pull in other people to join the conversation. Skype for Business easily syncs up with all other Microsoft applications thus, while working on Microsoft word, you can easily connect with others with just one click.

It easily outperform its competitors in both Desktop and Mobile app. It works seamlessly while using best evergreen browsers. SFB was one the few platform which introduced video conferencing in market.

SFB also allows you to record a meeting in 1080p HD, which you can share with other employees who were not able to join the meeting. It helps you by automatically updating your calendar presence information and set “Do not Disturb” mode when you are in a meeting.

  • High resolution sound & video quality
  • Customizable meeting invitations
  • Add Work Mobile and Home Phone Numbers
  • No free plan
  • Premium version the limit is 250 participants per meeting

6. BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a video conferencing platform that delivers premium video experience which is optimized for virtual workspace. It aids professional meetings with intuitive interface and controls that make it very easy to conduct meetings.

BlueJeans offers the best sound quality features, like Dolby Voice audio, which helps to improve each meeting experience. It holds a lot of inbuilt lucrative features that help in retaining its users. BlueJeans offers a plethora of immersive content which helps in delivering with maximum productivity.

BlueJeans Features

  • High-resolution HD video and Dolby Voice
  • Calendar integration for one-touch join
  • Intelligent bandwidth to drop of dead spots
  • Safe driving mode while driving
  • Offers Q&A and polling choice
  • Supports blocking background noise
Source – Play store

BlueJeans recently added some added features like closed captioning support to improve the meeting experience. You only have to create a BlueJeans account while hosting a meeting. However, you do not need an account to attend one.

It also comes with a proximity mode to transfer your calendar from your app to a Dolby Voice Room to transform a conference room into your meeting room. It is a cloud video conferencing service with the ability to connect users across a variety of platforms.

BlueJeans just integrate the video, audio, and web conferencing using the collaboration tools which people use every day. You can easily invite others, share your screen, record the meeting, and lot more all in one click.

  • High resolution audio & video quality
  • Block background noise
  • Offers Q&A and polling feature
  • With free plan max 50 participants
  • In free plan you can only record 5 hours per month
  • With premium version the limit is only 150 participants per meeting

7. Microsoft Teams

Official application from Microsoft for collaborating and building team communication in a virtual office environment is fully taken care of by none other than Microsoft Teams. Teams are a full package of all the features which bring together everything a team needs.

Teams are designed in so flexible way that you can easily track your corporate time with your time as you can easily switch between your work and personal account. It comes with all the lucrative features like chatting, meetings, video conferencing, calendar appointments, personalized groups, calling, and many more.

Microsoft Teams Features

  • Display real-time status of your colleagues
  • Can create multiple groups for each team/project
  • High-quality audio and video experience
  • Communicated through dedicated channels
  • Share To-do list, files, decks directly from the chat interface
  • Search option inside chats and channels
Microsoft Teams
Source – Play store

Microsoft Teams offers to upload an image and files directly to your gallery by just drag and drop. These files are stored In SharePoint and are supported by SharePoint encryption. It also helps in managing your safe key securely and keep your all chats and conversations fully encrypted.

Teams support to integrate with numerous Microsoft Corporation apps which makes it one solution hub for all the things. Thus, it helps you in easy creation of surveys using Forms, easy tracking your progress, and stay organized using Planner, send the prize to people using Praise and many more.

Microsoft Teams has the best interface with a dark mode option, which helps in simplify workflows, share data, and find new and innovative ways to work smarter together. It tracks and maintain all your activities, chats, calendar, call, files secularly, and is one click away.

Teams is a one-stop solution for virtual connect which includes all the important features required for a video conferencing application to ease your communication and increase your productivity.

  • Full HD resolution video quality
  • Safely store and share sensitive information
  • Easily integrate with other apps
  • Multiple permissions to be granted


Now you would be very clear about all the features offered by these applications and to select the most appropriate one as per your requirement. Few of these applications offer us the premium features for free.

There are so many applications with different services and conditions. The list we have made is of the best 7 video calling apps. But it always depends on the preference of the particular user, which may differ from person to person.

You can give it a try to know more about them and let us know in the comment section which one suits you the most.

Peace Out !!

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