How To Use Perplexity AI And Its Top 5 Features


Perplexity AI makes use of artificial intelligence to help users locate and retrieve information, doing away with the need for tiresome hours spent searching the internet and viewing sites.

In contrast to well-known AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, Perplexity serves as a real-time internet search engine that looks up answers to user inquiries.Perplexity can respond to a variety of questions, offer detailed directions, and even check the weather, according to a PC Guide article.

It uses cutting-edge technology like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver thorough and precise responses to user inquiries. It is intended to provide current information on a range of topics and do real-time web searches. Large language models, notably OpenAI’s GPT technology, give Perplexity AI the ability to comprehend and produce prose that is similar to that of a person.

perplexity ai

Configuring AI Perplexity

The Perplexity AI tool is available to users via both the web version and the iPhone mobile app.The setup instructions for Perplexity AI’s desktop and mobile apps are provided in the following parts.


1.Visit the official Perplexity website.

2.Select “Sign up.”

3.Select your registration option.


1.Go to the App Store to get the app.

2.Choose your chosen registration method, or press “Skip” to initiate a chat in the upper right corner.

How To Use Perplexity AI

Wide range of users can easily access Perplexity AI because it is available on the web and as an app for iPhone users. Perplexity AI is available to users at no cost through their website. The steps to use Perplexity AI are as follows:

how to use perplexity ai

1. Go to the website.

2. Just insert your inquiry into the search bar and click the blue arrow to pose a question to the model.

3. Examine the references and Perplexity AI’s response.

4. Use the “Ask a follow-up” bar below to pose a new query.

With just a few keystrokes in the search field and a click of the blue arrow, users can ask Perplexity AI a question. The model is really simple to use. Perplexity AI includes a page dedicated to PDFs, enabling users to obtain more expeditious and pertinent responses to their research inquiries.

Features Of Perplexity AI

1.Profile : This tool, which is a recent addition to the site, allows users to customize their own profiles. For more individualized results, provide the Al with more personal information. Anything that you believe will improve your experience is welcome to be shared.

2.Accuracy: To deliver precise and educational responses to user inquiries, Perplexity AI leverages a large language model (LLM). The LLM can comprehend a question’s context and offer pertinent replies since it has been trained on a vast dataset of text and code.

3.Completeness: Perplexity AI responds to user inquiries in a comprehensive manner. This indicates that the responses offer the user not just the information they are searching for, but also further context and details that can aid in a deeper understanding of the subject.

4.Chrome Extension: This is without a doubt the greatest feature of Perplexity AI. Get Perplexity Al installed on your Google Chrome device and after that pose a query. It will bring up pertinent references. To access the webpage, click on the sources. After that, you can instruct it to personalize your search area and summaries the webpage’s information. This feature saves time.

When you are running out of time and cannot afford to read the study paper or blog in its entirety Just ask Al to give you a synopsis of the webpage. This can be applied to the entire domain or just a particular webpage

5.Customization: It is able to tailor its responses to users according to their search history and interests. This makes it possible for consumers to receive the most pertinent and beneficial responses

Use Cases Of Perplexity AI

use cases of perplexity ai

1.Academic Support: Perplexity AI can be utilized by instructors and students to enhance their comprehension of intricate subjects, solve mathematical puzzles, or compose essays.

2.Customer Support Automation: Companies can improve their customer support by integrating Perplexity AI to instantly and accurately respond to client inquiries.

3.Professional Learning and Development: With Perplexity AI’s capacity to deliver the most recent data in their area of interest, professionals can keep up with market trends and advancements.

use cases of perplexity ai

4.Content Creation and Optimization: Using the platform, content creators and digital marketers may come up with ideas, write captivating copy, and optimize their work for various media.

5.Balanced News Perspectives: Perplexity AI can gather data from multiple sources and give a comprehensive picture of current events for individuals looking for unbiased news.

6.Research and Data Analysis: Perplexity AI helps researchers by sifting through large databases to provide essential information and insights for well-informed decision-making.


A strong tool that can assist users in finding information on a variety of subjects is Perplexity AI. For scholars, students, and anybody else looking for thorough and precise answers to their questions, it is a great resource. Perplexity AI can be accessed for free via the internet via an iPhone app.

 It is incredibly simple to use; all users need to do is type their query into the search bar and click the blue arrow to pose a question to the model. We think that difficult concepts should be simplified to make them understandable to all. You’ll be astounded by how much impactful AI technologies can have on your ability to make decisions and create new chances. 

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1.Can I get free access to Perplexity Al?

Definitely! Perplexity AI is offered without cost, so everyone can take advantage of its extensive information base.

2.How can I make use of Perplexity Al?

It is a flexible tool that may provide definitions for terminology, answers to frequently asked questions, offer step-by-step instructions, list business hours, and even forecast the weather.

3. What level of accuracy does Perplexity AI offer in its answers?

Perplexity Al’s responses are generated from a variety of sources in order to ensure that the information it provides is accurate and trustworthy.

4.Is Perplexity Al suitable for debugging code?

 Yes, developers can utilize Perplexity Al for code debugging by presenting their code-related questions in natural language.

5.What if I’m not sure how to phrase my question?

Don’t worry! You can use relevant keywords instead of asking complete questions, and Perplexity Al will do its best to understand and provide answers.

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