How To Use Midjourney Bot To Create AI Art And It’s Top 10 Prompts

Midjourney bot

Midjourney is an innovative AI program developed by a research lab . This unique tool can transform text descriptions into vivid images, a feature that has captivated users since its open beta launch on July 12, 2022.

Users across various fields are harnessing the power of Midjourney bot to generate creative visuals, interacting with the AI through specific commands via a bot on the chat platform, Discord. This blend of language and imagery is opening new avenues in the realm of digital creativity.

It’s no longer necessary to be a gifted artist to produce powerful pictures. You may create intriguing artwork in a matter of minutes with just a few prompts. Midjourney is the key.

Midjourney bot uses generative AI’s creativity to accomplish a lot of the labor-intensive work. Your only role is to provide it with a brief text description of the type of image you’re envisioning, and it will then produce it. - Midjourney AI

Despite being a relatively recent innovation, Midjourney bot has completely revolutionized the generative AI field. It has earned a place next to some of the top AI programs, like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

How To Get Started With The Midjourney Bot

Step 1: Setting up Discord Before you can create amazing AI art with Midjourney

  1. You’ll need to sign up or sign in to your Discord account. If you already have one, you can skip to the next step. Start by navigating to the Midjourney landing page. Click on Join the Beta.
  2. You will then be taken to a new screen where you may register for Discord. Click the proceed button after completing the relevant fields. Alternatively, you can select “Already have an account” if you already have Discord.
  3. Then, on the Discord toolbar’s upper left corner, click the + button. This enables you to link your Discord account to the Midjourney server. 
  4. There will be a popup with a number of alternatives. For this instruction, click join a server.
  5. Click don’t have an invite after that. You can use this to browse servers you want to join.
  6. Click on Midjourney bot after finding it among the featured communities.
  7. You’ll be taken to the Midjourney Discord server after logging in. You won’t be able to upload photographs as a free user, but you can explore the site to see what all the hype is about. To gain a sense of how Midjourney functions, visit several rooms, such as newbies-4, and examine other users’ artwork there.

Step 2: Choosing a Midjourney Subscription

  1. You must subscribe to the Midjourney bot in order to make art. We’ll demonstrate the simplest procedure for you. A text prompt can be seen near the bottom of the screen. Click inside of it, then type /subscribe. By doing so, the subscription window will appear, allowing you to subscribe to one of Midjourney’s paid plans. Click Midjourney’s subscribe button, then hit the enter key on your keyboard.
Midjourney Subscription plans

2. The bot will send you to the subscription page where you may select the plan that best suits your requirements. Three tiers exist: Basic, which costs $10 a month, offers 200 generations each month along with a personal chat room where you may create photos. The Standard subscription, which is the next option, costs $30 per month and offers 15 hours of image generation, limitless relaxed (slow) generations, and a private chat room. Finally, there is the $60/month Pro membership, which offers 30 hours of quick image generation, a free chat room, and limitless relaxed image generation.

If you’re just starting off, the fundamental plan is your best bet. You can make graphics, explore the site, become acquainted with the user interface, and learn how text prompting operates.

Join the Newbies Text Channel 

You’re ready to become a digital Picasso and create your first AI artwork once you’ve signed up for the Midjourney subscription and joined the Discord server. Your first step in that direction is as follows:

Enter “/imagine” in the message box once you are in the Midjourney channel.

Newbies text channel of Midjourney

Enter The Midjourney Art Prompt

Write the text prompt for the image you want Midjourney’s bot to create. For the best results, please be sure to provide as much detail in the input as you can so that Midjourney can make AI art, which requires her to comprehend every little item. For greater specificity, place commas (,) after each word. Press Enter when finished.

Midjourney bot will start producing AI art right away. The process is seen in real time as the photos clear up. Midjourney bot will totally generate the AI art you’ve selected with four distinct variations in about a minute. Under the photographs, there are few buttons with the names U and V. We have talked about these customization possibilities below.

And that demonstrates how simple it is to create stunning AI art using Midjourney bot. The aforementioned processes can be repeated as many times as necessary. Midjourney generates images by default using the V4 engine. The most recent V5 engine, however, has just been unveiled and offers a number of noteworthy advancements.

Customize Your Midjourney AI Art 

While Midjourney bot produces quite beautiful photographs by default, you can play around with a few adjustment options to get even better results. Let’s talk about them right now:

Options for upscaling and redoing

You may have noticed four buttons with the names “U1, U2, U3 & U4” below the photos. These are upscaling settings that Midjourney bot offers to improve the image’s quality and resolution.

The images in the provided grid match the numbers. When an image is selected, Midjourney bot enlarges it and adds more features. The finished product much outperforms the default. Re-running an image generation job will offer you a fresh grid of photos when you press the (re-roll) button.

Additionally, Midjourney bot makes use of the standard upscaler, which enhances details and creates a larger image. However, after upscaling photographs, you have many more choices, including:

Customization of Midjourney

Create Variations: Produces fresh iterations of the upscaled image in a recently made grid model.

Upscale Light/Beta Retry: Execute scaling using several scaling models

Web: The picture is displayed in the user’s Midjourney bot gallery.

Remaster: Upscales an image utilising test and creative parameters by fusing the original image’s composition with the new image’s features. When you select the Beta upscale option, the option is displayed.

Favourite: Adds the picture to your favourites list.

At the moment, Midjourney bot provides a wide range of various image models, such as Detail, light, anime, max, and more. Because different models can create images at varying resolutions, it might take longer to output your upscaled image. However, the output is still quite nice even if you use the default upscale settings.

Mid-Journey Advanced Features

Images may also be used in a prompt to change a Job’s structure, style, and colour scheme. This means you can use both, text and image prompts, or you can use each one separately.

After using the /imagine Discord command, input or paste the image’s website link to launch the prompt. Keep in mind that for the URL to function, it must finish in.png,.gif, or.jpg.

The image address must be added before adding any more text or parameters to complete the prompt. 

Features of Midjourney

Here are the guidelines for using image prompts:

  1. Prompts containing photos must begin with the image website.
  2. There must be two images or one image and text for prompts to work.
  3. An image URL must have a direct internet link to the image.
  4. Your file should have one of the following extensions:.png,.gif,.webp,.jpg, or.jpeg.
  5. Most browsers ask you to right-click on the image and choose “Copy Image Address” in order to get an image URL.
  6. The /blend command streamlines the image prompting process for mobile users.

Uploading photos from a computer or mobile device

If you want to include a picture in your prompt, you must use an image address link with one of the following extensions: .gif, .webp, .jpg, or.jpeg. However, what if the image is already on your computer or phone?

In such situation, in order to create a connection, you would need to send the image to the Midjourney bot first.

How to Create Powerful Midjourney Prompts

If you’re prepared to begin using Midjourney to create photos, the following top advices can help you make the most of the generative AI tool:

Midjourney Prompts

1. Be Succinct

The best Midjourney bot outcomes come from particular prompts. Use as much particular information as you can in your words while describing anything. But make sure your instructions are brief. After about 40 words, everything written is probably going to be disregarded; after 60 words, it’s probably going to be ignored; and after 80 words, it’s virtually surely going to be cut off.

2. Employ Evocative Language

To give your prompts more complexity and emotion, use adjectives and adverbs. They can provide details on the desired object or scene’s colour, shape, size, texture, and other attributes.

3. Prevent Ambiguity.

Use language that is straightforward and accurately conveys the impression you wish to make. A multitude of interpretations can be made of ambiguous language, which could produce unanticipated outcomes.

4. Test Out

To learn how the model understands different keywords, you must play with it. Examine the results you’re obtaining and observe the minor changes to your prompts

5. Use a Generator of Prompts

The only reason prompt generators exist is to help you create evocative Midjourney prompts. Utilising these can help you get some inspiration and provide a solid framework for your opening question.

6. Apply the Imaginative Tag

The creative label will encourage Midjourney to produce more unorthodox results. This is a fantastic approach to generate fresh concepts or depart from the typical Midjourney content.

7. Make your Prompts Heavier

You can tell Midjourney to interpret phrases individually by using a double colon (::). The word “spaceship” is an illustration drawn from the Midjoueney documents. When al thel words are taken into account, the Midjourney Bot generates graphics of science fiction spacecraft. When the prompt is divided into its two components, space::ship, each idea is taken into account independently, resulting in the creation of a ship travelling through space.

8. Make Unfavorable Suggestions

You should avoid having negative keywords appearing in your image. To produce more nuanced images, many expert users include negative hints like (–no hands, no words, etc.).

9. Give Using Private Mode a Thought

In the discord, there are a number of other Midjourney users who will be sending prompts in the same manner as you. When attempting to work on your own projects, this may seem a little overwhelming. Consider subscribing to have access to private mode if you’d like to receive a little more clarity.

10. Change your Preferences

To access the settings screen, enter the command /settings into Midjourney. From this point, you can easily choose every setting you want to use for your prompts.

How to Get Midjourney to DM Generated Photos to You

You can even have Midjourney bot to message you the created images directly if you don’t mind not talking to it on its server or even your own. Follow these steps to do that:

1. Follow the instructions above to reach the Midjourney bot. To send a private message to the Midjourney bot, click the text area at the bottom this time. You can submit anything you type.

2. Doing so will start a conversation with Midjourney. Simply put “/imagine” after your prompt to instantly create graphics in Direct Messages (DMs).

3. As before, Midjourney will immediately start creating images and gradually provide an output for your usage. You can use the upscaling and variation options just like on Midjourney’s server. To modify your aspect ratio and more, you can also use additional instructions.And that is how you can receive AI-generated Midjourney to DM photos. 


We hope that our comprehensive guide to Midjourney AI art will inspire you to produce some amazing works of art. However, keep in mind that Midjourney has practically endless potential, so you can continue experimenting with the service to produce more art.

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