How To Use Craiyon AI, It’s Top 7 Features And More


The top artificial intelligence (AI) image generator, Craiyon AI, uses cutting-edge synthetic intelligence algorithms to produce stunning images. You can produce images using this cloud-based platform for a variety of uses, including social media, blogs, websites, and exhibitions.

You don’t need any prior layout knowledge to use the platform because it is so simple to use. The Craiyon AI picture generator will take care of the rest if you just have a concept of what you want to make.

An AI model named Craiyon creates graphics from text. Craiyon starts by producing it, once the user (that would be you) provides a text prompt (what you wish to see). It was initially known as DALL-E Mini and was created as a lighter version of OpenAI’s DALL-E. - craiyon ai

For anyone who wants to use it for purposes other than just making amusing memes and images, it is also available for download from Github.

However, Craiyon AI creates visuals that correspond to the text prompt by using a sizable language model known as CLIP. To discover the association between words and images, CLIP is trained on a sizable collection of text and photos.

How Does Craiyon AI Works

The unique Craiyon AI system makes use of a neural network, a method inspired by the functioning of the brain. Similar to how our brains learn, this kind of intelligent algorithm picks up new information from examples.

Craiyon AI is given a large number of words and images to study in order to teach it. Craiyon AI can understand the relationships between words and images by looking at these instances. As a result, using what it has learnt, it can produce a corresponding picture when you give it a sentence.

In layman’s terms, Craiyon AI can be compared to an intelligent artist who can create images from verbal instructions. Actually, there are two phases involved in creating an image:

how does craiyon ai works -

The text prompt you gave is first translated into a code. Natural language processing (NLP) is used to do this. Computer science’s NLP discipline examines how computers and human language interact.

Image to code: An image is created using the code. This is accomplished through the use of deep learning. Artificial neural networks are used in this sort of machine learning to learn from data. You now have a general understanding of how Craiyon AI operates. Right? 

Not to mention, it can take some time to generate graphics, especially for lengthy text questions. But don’t worry, Craiyon AI is constantly evolving, and the outcomes keep getting better.

How To Use Craiyon AI

This tool is simple to use and has an intuitive interface. Let’s look at how you can use this AI tool step by step:

Access the official Craiyon AI website:

Start by going to the Craiyon AI website, the place where you can let your imagination run wild. While creating a free account is an option, you can also use the tool and explore the website without first creating an account.

Create a thorough visual description:

Create a thorough description of the image you’re thinking of in the text prompt box. Express your creative goals clearly; this is your canvas. Even negative language can be used to omit particular components, ensuring that your image matches your vision.

Review and improve your description:

Review your description in detail before moving on. The clarity and accuracy of the created image depend on the words you use and the way your statement is put together. Make sure the description you write reflects your artistic goal.

Start the image creation process:

It’s time to bring your imagination to life now that your description is excellent. To start the creating process, click the “Draw” button. 

how to use craiyon ai

If you’re using the free version, be patient as the image develops; it can take a minute or even longer.

Choose and improve your creation:

The premiere of your masterpiece is imminent. Select the image from the output that most closely matches your vision. Click the image for a larger view to admire it in greater detail. 

The “Upscale” button is available if you want a greater resolution and better quality. The “Screenshot” button will capture your artistic vision and save it as a PNG file.This procedure is easy to follow and suited for people with no prior knowledge of artificial intelligence or content creation software.

Top Features Of Craiyon AI:

Through its simplicity and distinctive characteristics, Craiyon AI sets itself apart from other AI programs like Starry AI, Jasper Art, Midjourney, and Deep Dream Generator. Let’s examine some of its main features:

Creation of a Set of Nine Images

You are not constrained to a single image with Craiyon AI. In fact, it offers you a selection of nine different images in response to your challenge. You have a plethora of creative options at your disposal.

Playful and Silly Pictures

With its expertise in creating wacky and amusing visuals, Craiyon AI brings a sense of humor to your creative work. Despite the fact that these pictures might not be appropriate for professional usage, they are fantastic for adding some humor and creativity to your projects.

Style Choice

You have a variety of style options with Craiyon AI, including painting, drawing, photos, and none at all. You can modify the generated images to fit your preferred aesthetic, thanks to their versatility. Additionally, you have the choice to eliminate some components by including “negative” phrases, making sure that the graphics produced reflect your creative intent.

Creative Restrictions

Despite having many useful functions, Craiyon AI has several creative limits. It could find it difficult to create photorealistic images or accurately imitate particular art forms. If these characteristics are essential to your project, it is important to moderate your expectations and consider other solutions.

features of craiyon ai

You can exclude certain undesirable ideas or components from the image by using negative terms. Craiyon AI has a sizable and vibrant user base that contributes photographs and reviews. It provides a number of options to improve your experience, such as upscaling, quicker results, and the option to get rid of watermarks and advertisements.

Although Craiyon is now a free service, a premium subscription is also available for quicker results. 

Use Cases Of Craiyon AI

Craiyon AI’s ground-breaking technology has enormous promise for a wide range of fields, including education, art, design, advertising, and marketing. Here are some possible applications for this tool:

When it comes to idea generation and brainstorming, Craiyon AI can be a useful tool for creating creative visual conceptions based purely on text descriptions. This enables teams to explore and develop their notions more successfully.

Advertising and marketing: To produce visually appealing marketing materials and advertising that connects with target audiences and heightens brand identification, advertisers and marketers can use AI-generated images.

It can produce interesting stuff like cartoons, GIFs, and memes: Images of historical artefacts or scientific specimens are only two examples of the type of research data that Craiyon AI can produce. Building a database of plant and animal species or collecting photographs of ancient sites can both benefit from it.

Education and learning: Craiyon AI can help teachers create interesting instructional materials, pictures, and diagrams by generating visual representations based on textual descriptions.

Subscription Plans And Pricing Of Craiyon AI

Users at Craiyon AI have the freedom to select the services that best fit their needs, thanks to the company’s availability of both free and paid versions. The commercial editions offer extra features and services, while the free version gives you complete freedom to create photos.

subscription of craiyon ai

The Professional Tier, which costs $240 a year or $24 per month, is designed for consumers with demanding needs. For a collection of nine AI-generated photographs, this tier dramatically cuts the image generating time to just 15 seconds.

Additionally, subscribers have first access to new features, ensuring they keep up to date. For individuals that need to quickly create a lot of photographs, the Professional Tier is the best option.

A number of features are unlocked by upgrading to the Supporter Tier for $60 annually or $6 monthly. Users now have access to quicker image creation processes that take just 45 seconds instead of the usual 1-2 minutes.

In addition, this tier provides private AI art creation, anonymous picture searching produced by free tier users, and an experience devoid of ads and watermarks. Users can actively support Craiyon’s cause and get a better user experience by upgrading to the Supporter Tier.

It’s crucial to remember that while premium subscriptions unlock extra capabilities, they have no direct impact on the creativity or design of the photos that are generated.


In summary, Craiyon AI is a ground-breaking AI-powered image generator that provides a distinctive and entertaining approach to produce aesthetically arresting images.Users can get more features and quicker image generating times by upgrading to a paid subscription, meeting their unique needs. 

It is a great option if you’re looking for a tool for creating amusing and quirky AI images. However, it is advised to look into alternate options that are offered in the market for more complex and realistic AI-generated photographs. Accept the power of Craiyon AI and set out on a voyage of artistic inspiration and boundless creativity.

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