How To Use Chatsonic AI – A Complete Guide With Top 7 Features


Chatsonic is an AI Chatbot platform for building automated chats with a straightforward and user-friendly interface. With the aid of this tool, anyone can quickly and simply start interesting discussions with clients. It is primarily targeted at business end users.

Although ChatGPT has recently gained a lot of attention as a well-liked AI chatbot, managing its expense and complexity might be challenging. The ideal substitute and more economical tool to automate customer chats is Chatsonic.

It turns out that Chatsonic is a reliable substitute for ChatGPT. All of the normal AI text generating is done using GPT-4, but it also has some additional capabilities to boost content development productivity. To Use Chatsonic AI-A Complete Guide

Natural language processing and configurable conversation flows are only two of the many advantages it offers. This gives users the ability to design scripts that feel natural, unique, and suited to the requirements of each customer.

A breakthrough chatbot like ChatGPT with cutting-edge capabilities that do away with all of OpenAI’s restrictions, according to Chatsonic AI. It can be used for numerous business objectives and to automatically create material from scratch.

How To Access Chatsonic

There are three primary methods for getting on Chatsonic:

  1. If you’re using the Writesonic desktop, open the chatbot by clicking the Chatsonic button on the left-side panel.
  2. If you’re using the Chrome extension, you may open Chatsonic on any page by clicking the Chatsonic icon in the URL bar. When you execute the command, the interface will appear as seen below.
  3. The Chatsonic AI mobile app is available for download from the Google Play store if you use an Android device. 

The amount of material you can create with Writesonic depends on the plan you’re enrolled in, because Writesonic has word count constraints. 10,000 words are given to free users each month. If you require more content than that, you can upgrade to a subscription plan.

How To Log in To Chatsonic

1. Register or log in: Create an account on the website to get started. Use your login information to access your account if you already have one. You can create your account directly by clicking here. The AI dashboard will then be displayed after you log in.

2. Type your text in: Give AI the text you want it to turn into a voice message by entering it. You have the option of typing the text manually into the available text box or pasting it from another location.

3. Select voice options: Create a voice that reflects your choices. You can set the voice’s gender, select from a variety of dialects and languages, and change the pitch to get the tone you want.

4. Produce and display: Click the “Generate Audio” button after you have entered the text and change the voice parameters. Based on the specified text and voice settings, the AI will process your request and produce the audio message. The created audio can be previewed to see if it lives up to your expectations.

5. Save or distribute: You can continue to download the voice message as an audio file if you are OK with it. As an alternative, you can immediately share the voice message with others via a variety of platforms.

6. Examine and improve: It’s crucial to check the voice message’s output for precision and clarity after the AI has generated it. Additionally, you can adjust the text and speech settings to get the desired outcome if you discover any problems or areas that could be used  better.

You may effectively utilise this tool to produce customised audio messages that seem natural by following the instructions in this guide. It can also be helpful for a variety of uses, including voiceovers, podcasts, audio material, and more. To Use Chatsonic AI-A Complete Guide

Key Features Of Chatsonic

  1. High-quality and authentic text generation: The AI was trained on a sizable dataset of human interactions and text, allowing it to produce writing that sounds like it was written by a real person.
  2. Personalization and customization: Its users can adjust the model for particular activities or domains, allowing it to provide material that is more applicable and tailored to the user’s needs.
  3. Rapid and effective text production is possible with this AI, thanks to speed improvements.
  4. Voice command: Unlike ChatGPT, this AI allows you to provide a voice command and offer specific instructions to the bot.
  5. Factual information: You can generate or create articles about recent occurrences because it immediately crawls data from the Google search engine.
  6. Image creation: You can create AI images using this tool.
  7. A  Writesonic item: The well-known AI writing software and the Chatsonic creator are used by more than 1,000,000 marketing teams, agencies, and online freelancers.

Use Cases Of Chatsonic

The interface is comparable to ChatGPT in appearance but is more contemporary. It features a chat prompt where you can ask questions or make requests, and several suggested use cases are displayed on the first screen, including:

  1. Incorporate current events into your factual writing on any subject – Despite the company’s assurances, it only described the 2018 match between France and Croatia when we requested it to describe the most recent World Cup final.
  2. Create an HD digital piece of art – Similar to Midjourney, this involves testing and practice to create good, useful photographs.
  3. Create written content for a range of purposes – ChatSonic’s range of pre-configured choices amazed us. For the benefit of the marketing staff, WriteSonic’s engine enables users to quickly produce content for platforms like LinkedIn and Google text advertisements. In addition, it contains features like generating Quora responses and listing benefits and drawbacks of a topic that are helpful for IT professionals or those offering customer service.

Should You Buy A Chatsonic License

It’s safe to assume that most people who use this type of technology to create material or answer questions as part of their everyday work will do so frequently. As a result, the primary focus of the position is likely to change from attempting to find the correct words to convey something or using Google to locate the information we need to develop a piece to figuring out how to be more imaginative and effective in our communication. 

In this regard, this AI is a great innovator in the field of artificial intelligence content producers and is likely to be one of the front-runners in the GPT3 content revolution.

Benefits Of Using Chatsonic

Users can automate the creation of text and images with the aid of Chatsonic.

Some of the advantages of using Chatsonic are listed below.

1. Rapid and precise outcomes

Due to the integration of Google search and the use of cutting-edge AI technology, this can deliver results that are accurate and timely. Additionally, it can generate unique content that is totally free of plagiarism, saving you time and effort.

2. Features that are adaptable and simple to use

It is easy to use and doesn’t require any technological expertise. Simply sign into your Chatsonic account, type in your question, and the AI chatbot will work its magic. Additionally, you can alter your requests to achieve the desired outcomes by selecting the personality type, enabling memory, and more.

 3. Superior content

There isn’t a product in the market that compares to Chatsonic in terms of quality. Its cutting-edge AI technology can scan and examine a variety of information sources, producing content that is accurate and in-depth. Additionally, any grammar or spelling mistakes that might be present in the article can be found and fixed by its AI technology.

4. Economical

Chatsonic can produce high-quality material for a small fraction of the price and save 20 hours per week, which lowers your cost of freelancing. When you sign up for Chatsonic, you get 10k premium words, and you can upgrade to an unlimited account to obtain infinite premium words.

5. Possibilities for automation

The process of creating material is automated with the aid of Chatsonic. It has sophisticated tools that support the creation of both text and images. It enables you to save time and energy, thanks to its extensive automation features. It can streamline your workflows and automate a variety of tedious chores. Furthermore, this Chatsonic alternative to ChatGPT can assist you with a variety of tasks, including finding a job and making money.

Chatsonic is a low-cost, user-friendly AI chatbot assistant that may save time and effort while delivering high-quality content. Chatsonic can assist you in producing outstanding content quickly and effortlessly because of its cutting-edge AI technology, quick and accurate results, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, you may explore the 110 finest ChatGPT examples to learn how to make the most out of Chatsonic.

Chatsonic Pricing

Upon registration, Chatsonic offers 10k premium words. You may subscribe to the infinite Writesonic plan for just $16 per month if you run out of them and decide you need more, which gives you access to infinite premium words. To Use Chatsonic AI-A Complete Guide

Chatsonic Professional Plan

A premium plan can take advantage of a wealth of tools and services to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their customer support interactions. The Professional package offers features like bespoke answers, automated client segmentation, comprehensive analytics, and more. It is offered for $99 a month.

Chatsonic AI VS ChatGPT

Both AI chatbots offer excellent results that get better every day. However, there are currently 5 key distinctions between them.

  1. Real-time data: ChatGPT’s data is only current through 2021, however the Google Search-integrated ChatGPT alternative is current.
  2. Pricing: Chatsonic AI requires a plan, whereas ChatGPT is free and unlimited.
  3. Image creation: Unlike ChatGPT, Chatsonic AI is capable of creating AI images.
  4. Voice instructions: Chatsonic uses your voice commands to create an output. It speeds up the writing process in contrast to ChatGPT.
  5. Integration of Writesonic: Writesonic is a well-known piece of software. Chatsonic outcomes are more useful due to its varied features. If you’d like, we can briefly describe what Writesonic is. To Use Chatsonic AI-A Complete Guide

Limitations To Chatsonic

Despite being a sophisticated AI chatbot, ChatSonic still has several limitations. Since ChatSonic is prone to factual errors, it is crucial to double-check information before using it. Additionally, due to word constraints on the free and subscription plans, it might not be able to generate enormous amounts of text. Additionally, ChatSonic frequently repeats itself or provides the same kinds of suggestions and results.

Troubleshooting Chatsonic

Although Chatsonic is user-friendly and dependable, problems can arise from time to time. Additionally, standard troubleshooting techniques include examining the network connection, deleting the browser’s cache, and getting in touch with Chatsonic’s support staff for additional guidance.

Security is a top focus for this tool as well, so users must create strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and keep their login information to themselves.

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A great substitute for ChatGPT: Chatsonic is a potent AI chatbot platform that provides a number of amazing features. Chatsonic is revolutionising in the field of AI chatbots with its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface. 

Finally, Chatsonic is a platform that is well investigated if you’re a business owner trying to improve client interaction or an individual searching for a productive tool for content creation.

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