How To Play Royal Match And It’s Top 4 Cheats You Must Know

royal match

A free-to-play game called Royal Match features hundreds of stages and numerous locations where King Robert seeks assistance to bring the Royal Castle back to its former splendour. Fantastic rewards are available from a variety of events and special bonus levels.

Royal Match is incredibly addictive and engaging, offering hours of entertainment and challenges. It was created by Dream Games and is one of the favorite among players of all ages since it adds a unique twist to the traditional Match-3 idea. Royal Match ensures that every player has a royal experience with its breathtaking graphics, engrossing action, and thrilling features.

As the game goes on, the levels get harder and more strategic thinking and preparation are needed to complete them. Visually, Royal Match sticks out. The castle you will reconstruct has a lot of details and is vibrant and striking. Royal Match offers tournaments where you can play in multiplayer mode with other players from around the world to win thrilling prizes, even though it can also be played alone and without an internet connection.

royal match

In Royal Match, as you conquer obstacles, you’ll get advantages that’ll be very helpful in opening scenarios. You will be taken to the palace to decorate the apartments after finishing each level. But as you get above 200 levels, it gets harder to advance and you’ll need to use every trick in the book to get past one level, which makes it very difficult to go on to the next.

Ultimate Tips And Tricks For The Puzzles Of Royal Match

In Royal Match, players have to work through a number of problems to defend the King and assist him in furnishing his castle. Let’s have a look at some strategies you may use to solve problems in Royal Match and avoid being trapped on a single level.

Take up a guild

In order to solve more riddles and gain more life, cash, boosters, and other necessary resources, you can join a guild while playing the game. You can talk to other players in a guild and ask them for help with challenging riddles that you might otherwise be stuck on.

Make use of in-game boosters

You can use several helpful boosters that the makers have supplied to get past all of the puzzles in the game. Pre-Level and in-game boosters are the two types of boosters available in the game. Either one can be used to complete stages that you might find difficult to complete.

While in-game boosters can be accessed through the Booster menu, pre-level boosters are initially positioned on the board at random before the match begins. You can get these by taking part in in-game activities. Use these boosters as soon as possible; they will come in handy when the levels get harder.

royal match : tips and tricks

Choose your moves carefully

Make smart movements to solve the riddles faster. Priorities the tiles that need to be matched first and come up with the appropriate strategies first. To avoid being trapped on a certain move or level, plan your movements. Additionally, you can use the in-game suggestions to assist you finish a level if you are stuck on it for too long.


The ability to use power-ups and boosters during gaming is one of the Royal Match’s distinctive characteristics. Players can clear more gems and finish levels more quickly with the aid of these unique tools. For example, the Crown power-up can be used to eliminate an entire row or column, the Hammer can smash a single gem, and the Shuffle booster rearranges the board. Making effective use of these power-ups can significantly improve your chances of completing difficult levels.

Awards and Occasions

In addition to its engaging gameplay and graphics, Royal Match offers players regular events and awards to keep them interested. You can earn rewards from daily challenges and missions, which can speed up your progress and let you unlock rare things. Additionally, there are time-limited events with exclusive rewards and levels.

royal match awards

Royal Match Cheats You Must Know

Focus on the goal

If you have a specific mission goal, matching threes endlessly won’t get you very far, so always keep your eye on the prize. Basically, don’t get carried away attempting just to get the pieces off the board; instead, focus on what the level is asking you to do.

Reserving resources for challenging levels

Granted, it can be irritating to get stuck on a level, but don’t waste your resources unless you’re positive that you won’t be able to finish without a booster or some assistance. Fortunately, if you attempt to level up more than ten times without the puzzle pieces falling, you may want to consider using a booster; if not, you should wait and see if the board’s natural structure works in your favour.

Take your time

Remember that games like Royal Match are meant to be soothing, so resist the urge to jump at the first opportunity to match colors. At the beginning of the level, take a moment to evaluate the board and your alternatives before beginning the match. Although it’s not really chess, you should be informed of the rules before you start any game.

Start at the bottom

Match tiles starting at the bottom whenever possible. More pieces arrive at the top of the board as rows at the bottom are smashed, and there’s a good probability that some lines of three will form as they fall. This tip can help you go through the easy stages more quickly, but it won’t always help you win the level.

How To Download And Play Royal Match On PC With NoxPlayer

install royal match

1.Get NoxPlayer and set it up on your computer.

2.Finish the Google sign-in process to get the Play Store.

3.Search for Royal Match and install the game.

4.To get started with the game, click on the Royal Match button on your home screen.

Does Royal Match have no cost?

Though there are in-app purchases, the game is undoubtedly free to play. Like with other games they does not run ads, but the IAPs help the producers maintain the game’s viability. The purpose of these IAPs is to aid the player in obtaining additional in-game stuff and to help them advance.

Can you play Royal Match only on your phone or on a computer?

Since Royal Match is currently available on mobile devices, playing it on a PC will have to wait until it’s made available through other third-party emulators or the Google Play Games PC launcher. But for now, we advise staying with mobile.

Please let me know in the comment section, how was your experience playing the Royal match Game. Do check out How to play Monopoly Go app.


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