How to Enable Windows God Mode : Unlocking the Power of Windows


Enabling the God Mode in Windows is one of the simplest way to get all the Windows’ most powerful tools in one place. For many Windows users, having access to all of the operating system’s control panels from a single folder sounds like a dream.

This dream is, in fact, a reality known as “God Mode.” Whether you’re on Windows 10 or wondering about its application in Windows 11, this guide is here to help. Let’s explore how to enable God Mode, its safety, and its relevance in the latest Windows versions.

What is God Mode?

At its core, God Mode is not a new feature or a hidden trick, but a dedicated folder that consolidates a range of system settings and controls. It offers a centralized location from which you can manage and adjust nearly every aspect of the Windows OS.

How to Enable God Mode on Your Computer:

Simple Folder Method:

>>> Right-click on the desktop or in a File Explorer window.

>>> Select ‘New’ and then ‘Folder’

>>> Rename the new folder to: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
As the name is Enormous, it is recommended to copy-and-paste it as the folder name.

>>> The folder’s icon will change to blue System Preferences Icon, signaling that God Mode is now accessible.

Run Command Prompt Method

You want to access the God Mode only once and without a desktop shortcut? These is a simple way to access the God Mode in Windows Laptop or PC

>>> Press “Windows + R”, it will open the Command Prompt.

>>> Type “shell:::{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” in the Run dialog and press “Enter” to bring up the God Mode menu.

Using Windows Search:

This method is more for accessing the settings than a dedicated God Mode, but can be handy for those who don’t want a permanent folder.

>>> Simply press Windows + S to open search.

>>> Type in the setting or control you’re looking for, and it’ll pop up in the results.

Tools to enable God Mode

Navigating the world of Windows God Mode becomes even more streamlined with supplementary tools. Take, for instance, the Extended God Mode tool—it enhances the god mode windows experience by offering its own dedicated window.

This isn’t just about accessing the god mode folder windows 10 or the god mode windows 11 code; it’s about efficiency. With these external enhancements, you can swiftly revisit recent commands, bookmark your most-used settings for instant access, or dive deep into management console configurations.

So, whether you’re toggling god mode in windows 10 or exploring what windows 11 god mode has in store, these tools ensure your favorites are just a click away.

Enabling God Mode in Windows 10:

The process for enabling God Mode in Windows 10 is the same as described in the “Simple Folder Method” above. Once the folder has been renamed, you can access a plethora of controls that make customization and management simpler than ever.

Is God Mode Safe for Windows 10?

God Mode is relatively safe for users who have a basic understanding of Windows settings and controls. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Some settings within can significantly affect your system’s performance or functionality, so always tread with caution. Before making major changes, it’s recommended to create a system restore point for safety.

What is God Mode in Windows 11?

With the launch of Windows 11, many users wondered about the relevance and existence of God Mode. The good news is that God Mode still exists in Windows 11 and functions similarly. The method to enable it remains unchanged.

However, given the redesign and added features in Windows 11, some controls and settings might appear differently or be categorized under new sections. Always ensure you’re familiar with the settings before making changes.

Additional Ways to Access God Mode:

While the “Simple Folder Method” is the most popular, tech-savvy users have discovered scripts and third-party tools that can enable or access God Mode features. Some of these tools offer a more user-friendly interface or additional functionalities. Before downloading any third-party software, ensure it’s from a reputable source to avoid potential security risks.


From the god mode folder windows 11 to the god mode windows 10, this feature has piqued the interest of many. While its name might sound intimidating, the god mode for windows 10 and other versions is a nifty tool for tech enthusiasts. Dive in, but always with care.

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