How to Fix FAU-G Connecting Services Error?

FAUG Connecting Services Error

Fix Connecting Services Error on FAU-G Game. Please follow the below-mentioned steps to play FAU-G with no error.

FAUG is released on 26th January i.e on 70th Indian Republic day. The highly anticipated game launched with a lot of attention and popularity from users. This can also relate with the ban on PUBG mobile, which led the gamers to find the alternative like Call of Duty Mobile, Freefire and FAU-G.

FAUG is the third person shooter game based on the recent Indo-China clashes in eastern Ladakh. FAUG is also known as “Fearless And United-Guards“.

FAU-G’s launch had also been pushed many times, but now fans do not need to wait as the game has arrived on Android Store. The interface of the game is decent while the developers are looking to add more controls to the game.

FAUG Game Download

The game has 3 different types of playing mode –
1. Campaign mode
2. 5v5 Battle
3. Last man standing mode

The Campaign mode is available to play, whereas the latter two will be launched soon.


Several gamers have reported few connections and server issues along with “Device Not Compatible” errors. You need a high-speed internet connection to register, connect to the server, and then start the game.

Below are the best methods to fix all FAUG Errors and will able to enjoy the gaming experience –

Fix FAU-G Connecting Services Error

1. Use Change DNS 

One of the best ways to fix the ‘Connecting Services‘ issue is by changing the DNS server. Same works for FAUG as well. The DNS retrieves the first input data from global DNS servers like Cloudflare, Comodo Secure, Google Public DNS, Open DNS, and more. This will fix any local server issues, and this will fix the error and start the game with no connection error.

On the plus point, DNS will not cause any Ping issues, on the contrary, you might get a stronger ping compared to your network. Most of the devices have a built-in DNS option in the setting.

We recommend using for Android and for iPhone by Cloudflare which offers free DNS and very good ping response.

Please Note – DNS and VPN are different. DNS is an IP Directory while VPN Tunnels data from 3rd party server.

DNS Server for FAUG Conectivity Error

Just enable and connect with the VPN profile, open the game, and play without any issues. If still face the ‘Connecting Servicesissue, then simply enable WARP and restart the game, it will surely work.

WARP settings to fix FAUG error

2. Change the Network

FAUG Network Settings
FAUG Network Settings

FAUG has attracted tons of gamers because of the ban on all-time favorite PUBG. Thus many users are trying to connect to the FAUG server. Thus, because of many number of users trying to connect to a server, the server is getting overload.

To establish the proper connection to the server, you need good internet connectivity with high-speed internet. This will increase the chance of connecting to the game’s server.

This will fix any network restriction which may cause the game to not load and get a connection error.

If you are still facing network issues, please visit How to fix Mobile Network Issues.

3. Clear Data and Cache

FAUG Error Fix Cache settings

This is the absolute solution you can try. A cache build-up or collection of data may cause the game to not load properly. Just clean out the data and cache of the game from Android settings and restart the game. The issue will be fixed.

For iPhone just re-install the game to fix any network issues.

4. Device Not Compatible Error

Many users reported the “Device Not Compatible Error” while downloading the app from the play store. As of now, your device might not be suitable with the minimum specs requirement criteria.

FAUG requires a minimum of 6 GB RAM in your smartphone. If your mobile phone is equipped with 4 GB RAM, then you will get an error message like ” Device Not Compatible”.

The list of FAUG supported phones is pretty vast as the game can be downloaded and played from the play store on any device running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. That means you can play the game on any mobile phone or tablet with a minimum of 6 GB and higher RAM that is supported by Android 8, 9, 10, and 11.


You can Fix FAU-G ‘Connecting Services’ and “Device Not Compatible” errors on your Android and iPhone with this simple guide for your mobile.

Please let us know in the comment section about which solution helped you in resolving your error.

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