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Lost my phone! How disheartening it sounds when you experience such a situation. Fortunately, you can track your lost or stolen Android device using various apps. We have mentioned the top 7 Android Applications for searching for your lost phone.

These apps provide you with tons of functions, including remote locking, GPS monitoring, and also data wiping in case your device is stolen. We chose each program in this list after so much research on it based on its productivity and usability.

So, if you’re looking for an authentic way to keep your phone safe and secure, read on to discover the 7 best apps to track lost or stolen Android devices.

track lost phone

1. mSpy

mSpy is just as similar to a foreign agent. With mSpy, you can notice a variety of things like location, online messaging services, social media apps, and more. mSpy’s robust features enable numerous curious users to benefit from it.

mSpy customer reviews have demonstrated that it is completely a trustworthy app. Parents that are worried about their children’s online safety can frequently utilize mSpy to do so. It may make a thorough report on their whereabouts, in addition to displaying their precise position. You’ll see locations they’ve been to or the Wi-Fi networks they utilize in a certain area. You will be able to track only when the device is turned on.

mSpy is no less than a GPS tracker. It offers a variety of functions that let you view anything on a target phone. You can see their private text and social media messages. For example, this feature supports the messaging apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

mSpy needs some time to set up. You’ll receive an email containing your login information after creating an account and purchasing the mSpy plan. Next, log into your account so that you can follow the installation instructions there. After completing the process, you will view all the data from the target phone, including its current location.

track lost phone

2. Life360

They made the Life360 app to support families so that they remain safe and connected. It can be used to keep tabs on loved ones, get alerts when they require assistance, and even locate them if they go missing. Life360 has become one of the most well-known family safety apps accessible. Life360 has millions of users worldwide just to remain connected and safe.

Users can build a “circle” of relatives and friends using the app. Anyone in your life with whom you want to maintain contact can be a part of this circle, whether it be your partner, your children, or your parents.

Download Life360 for Android

track lost phone

3. Eyezy

Eyezy makes monitoring and controlling your home security very simple. It can be used to monitor temperature changes in your home or your workplace. With Eyezy, you can keep tabs on who enters and exits the box. Geo-fencing lets you establish safe and harmful areas and track when people enter or exit a certain location. However, the app only allows for the tracking of other devices when the device is activated.

If you want to look into someone’s social life, Eyezy’s Social Spotlight is a fantastic feature. On Android Messenger, you can access all the incoming and outgoing messages and texts. Additionally, Eyezy provides a variety of installation options and it also makes the setup procedure much simpler.

You can choose a non-rooting installation method and download the app from the Play Store. You must first create an account and subscribe to a plan. Select them on the website, and then use the login information sent to your email to access your Control Panel. 

Download Eyezy for Android

track lost phone

4. GEOfinder

The GEOfinder offers a novel method for locating a person. With the help of the app, you may quickly determine the precise location of the target. Knowing the cell phone number and properly inserting it are the only requirements. By the way, you can customize the message using the app.

The app can run on both iOS and Android devices. Your victim won’t find this action suspicious, and you won’t get caught anyhow. No app installation is necessary.

Download GEOfinder for Android

track lost phone

5. Find My Device

One of the best apps for tracking your location is Find My Device from Google. You can use it to find or track a lost device and do the appropriate measures on it, including factory resetting the device to protect your personal data.

If you misplace your gadget, let’s say in your home, you can find it by dialing your phone. You can also leave messages on your phone, such as your phone number, for the person who finds it. There are options on your phone that let you lock it and delete its data in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Additionally, Find My Device shows a list of indoor maps for locations such as stadiums, shopping centers, and other large buildings, making the search process much simpler.

Download Find My Device for Android

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6. iSharing

Cell phone location is determined by iSharing using a combination of GPS, your phone signal, and Wi-Fi. With the help of Apple or Google Maps, iSharing then shows the position, so that users can use the location tracker from anywhere in the world. Any device that has access to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store can download iSharing.

For the ease and safety of the family, iSharing offers a number of security features. For instance, features like Place Alert notify the family when their family arrives home or departs for school, and Driving Report assists young drivers in assessing how safely they are driving. The software is packed with tools for finding enabled devices’ locations. You may organize groups, chat with group members, and keep track of their whereabouts in real-time. You receive notifications when a group member enters or exits a location. You can also see group members’ past whereabouts.

 The intriguing Panic Alert function in iSharing notifies other users when you shake your phone.

Download iSharing for Android

track lost phone

7. Safe 365

With a variety of useful safety features, the free location tracking app Safe365 is available. In addition to helping you track the whereabouts of your loved ones or even pals, the software allows you to find a misplaced gadget.

Designed for family members or a group of friends, Safe365 has all the capabilities a location-tracking app needs to function. It enables you to learn the precise location of your family or group, their battery life, the kind of internet connection that each of their devices has, and the daily distance that each of them travels.

You may designate and establish several safe zones using the app, and it notifies you when a group member enters or exits the zone.

Download Safe365 for Android

track lost phone

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